ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag Review

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Garment bags are very important if you are someone who travels often but needs to appear fresh in the morning with perfectly ironed suits or coats. You can’t afford to wear wrinkled clothes to your business meetings especially if you are the one everyone pays attention to. In such cases a garment bag is very important to keep your clothes ironed and clean even after packing it in your bag. It will help you keep the items organized with no worry of ironing the dresses when you reach the destination.

If you have landed in this article possibilities are that you are searching for the best garment bag and zegur suit carry on garment bag is on your list of final choices. Here in our review of zegur garment bag, we look into the quality, comfort, durability and features of the bag so that it will be easy for you to make the buying decision.

ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag

Quality of the bag:

Made of 1800d polyester, the bag seems to be built of good quality. You can easily pack considerable amount of weight in this garment bag and use it as a carryon luggage during your air travel. It can easily last for several years even if you use it very often.The zipper, Velcro, metal chain, hooks and every other material used in the bag is of fine quality. There are no visible complaints you will have just by looking and using the bag.

Unisex design:

Zegur garment bag has a stylish, sleek and slim design which can be used by both men and women. It has a size of 23”x 22”x 4” when folded and 43”x 22”x 4” when open. You can comfortably carry it to places at the same time packing enough items for your travel inside it. The design is fashionable and matches latest design trends.

Comfortable structure:

Yes, this bag when you wear on your shoulder is very comfortable and the straps doesn’t hurt your shoulder even when you add excess weight. You can easily pack suits, coats, shirts, shoes and other miscellaneous items into it.It easily fits into the overhead bin of the airlines so that you can carry it as a carryon luggage along with you. But make sure you refer to the airplane guidelines as some airlines might have less size requirements.

Long lasting:

We only had a limited amount of time experimenting with the zegur garment bag. We found the 1800d polyester material used is of fine quality. Comments from previous customers confirm our finding that this model is very long lasting and durable. It will be a great choice for frequent travelers as it has the ability to withstand a good amount of usage.


Zegur suit carry on garment bag has so much space to pack your essential materials. It has four inside pockets and a mesh pocket to store ties and bows. 3 pockets are closed with zippers while the 4th packet is locked with velcro. You can use the fourth pocket to store your shoes. Even though the shoes don’t completely fit into the pocket, velcro doesn’t allow it to fall out of place.There are also accessory pockets which you can use to store items that you may take out often. All the pockets in this luggage has sufficient storage space and you may never run out of space that easily.The shoulder strap provided is long enough and is made of good quality material. It also has a metal chain and hook so that you can easily hang the zegur garment bag in a closet.When it is closed, the bag appears to be in the size of 20 inches, but when you open it and expand the compartments the bag will have around 40 inch size in it. Storage space won’t be a concern for frequent travelers.The duel buckle present inside the bag will keep your garments in place and prevent them from moving. Due to this your suits will stay in place for any amount of time without getting any wrinkles to it.There is an exterior pocket which helps you store essential items like electronics, gadgets, and books, grooming items or other stuffs for which you need access often.The manufacturer also confirms that this model is fray assistant which means you don’t have to worry about the threads coming out the bag due to external factors.

Money back guarantee:

Zegur offers no questions asked money back guarantee on your purchase of zegur suit carry on garment bag. It means you purchase the bag and for any reason if you don’t like the bag, then you can return it to zegur and get your full amount back without any reasons to offer.

Customer service:

The manufacturer itself contacts every customer and asks if they are satisfied about their purchase or not. They are readily available to fix any issues the customer may have with the product. So as far as the customer service is concerned, they are eligible for a full 5 star rating.

Price rating:

Zegur has priced this model very economically. Priced at less than 50 bucks this is one the best products at a very cheap price. There are other models which can equal the quality of zegur but for double the price you pay for zegur. The price factor is a very great advantage for zegur to compete with even the top most brands.


Being one of the best in the quality, pricing and durability, ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag is definitely one of the best garment bag you can buy to use as a carry on garment bag or during your business trips. They will help you keep your garments fresh and as ironed at an economical price. If you are one of the thousands of customers who bought this model, leave your review or send us your pictures.