What To Think About Weight And Look in Spinner luggage set?

What To Think About Weight And Look in Spinner luggage set?

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Spinner luggage is becoming popular because it’s very easy to maneuver. What’s unique in this spinner set? The wheels are the main factor what makes the luggage a spinner instead of a normal wheeled bag. Usually, most spinners are designed with four wheels which are attached to four corners of the luggage. 

Why spinner luggage is needed?

Most of them prefer this type of luggage set because it is easy and effortless to move in any direction. It is fitted with 360-degree spinner wheels which allow you to push, pull, and tilt towards any direction. It is expensive than other wheeled luggage as it offers a lot of comfort to the users. 

Types of spinner luggage

Spinner luggage is broadly classified into two types which are,

  1. Softshell spinners
  2. Hard-shell spinners 

What’s the difference between these two types? It differs in the use of materials and construction. Softshell spinners are made of lightweight materials like nylon, polyester etc. Hard-shell spinners will be constructed of tough materials like ABS plastic, polycarbonate. It comes with long-lasting durability and stability. 

Weight and Durability 

It’s important to consider the durability of the exterior, for me this quality is significant when compared to looks of the spinner. It should be scratch-resistant so that there is less chance of getting damaged. If you are a business traveler then you may be little conscious about the weight and look of your suitcase. These factors have to be considered before buying the luggage set. 

Consider the material 

When you look for a luggage set, it’s good to consider the thickness of the luggage material also its capacities. It also adds weight to the bag, when you take nylon it may look light but offers an effective result. Both the material of the bag and frame will also affect the weight. If you’re a frequent traveler look for a bag with lighter fabric and framing as it works best for you.

Durable construction 

Check the stitch quality, the handle is also important to consider, most of the soft-sided luggage comes with unique design and patterns. Pick the color which enhances the look and appearance of the luggage. Ensure whether the bags are double-stitched as it resists abrasions, tears, and fraying. Be sure that the wheels are sturdy enough to hold the entire weight of your luggage.

Water resistant 

Look for a bag that is made of waterproof material which also appears glossy and classy. The zipper also should be waterproof or just cover it to keep moisture away from the luggage. 

Pick unique color 

Go for a unique color because it may be tough to pick your black suitcase among many other black ones at the luggage carousel. So buy the fashionable, funky color which should also enhance the look of your luggage set.


Luggage is a long-term investment so choose the best high-rated set even if it costs much. It must be durable so focus on getting the value for your money. 

Final verdict 

Choose the luggage set which offers a compact and refined business look which is essential for professional trips. It must look professional and unique so the luggage can be spotted from halfway easily.