Travelpro Platinum Elite 21″ Expandable Spinner Review

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With so many inbuilt features and lifetime warranty travelpro Platinum Elite 21 inch expandable spinner is one of the top Contender to be your next carryon luggage. But since there are so many other options available in the market competing with the same set of features, you have carefully analyze the features and your requirements before proceeding with your buying decision. Travelpro being a well known brand making luggage has aimed to satisfy most of the buyers requirement using this model travelpro Platinum Elite expandable spinner.

Let’s find out how this technology packed ballistic nylon soft side luggage ranks in our review.

travelpro 21inch

Does it Have enough space?

Yes, travelpro Platinum Elite expandable spinner being a 21 inch luggage can sufficiently pack things for a 7 day vacation. It is as per the size standards of most Airlines and can be carried as a carryon luggage along with you during air travels. You won’t be able to Pack too much items than the specified weight limit unless you are carrying hard items. So most of the time you won’t need to worry about the weight limit in the Airlines. You can keep it within your reach during air travel so that you don’t have to worry about damage during transit or theft when it is away from you.You also don’t have to wait for it in the luggage counter thus saving you time and lowering the risk for baggage loss. It has the tip resistant expansion feature using which you can pack 2” more clothes to it without altering the shape of the luggage.

Material Quality

This soft sided expandable carryon luggage is made of imported ballistic nylon material which is dust resistant and durable. Based on our examination with this bag, we found that the material is very solid and Comfortable to handle. It also has fabric lining making it look even better.The wheels attached to travel Pro Platinum are of great quality. The wheels are magnetically guided which reduces the risk of damage in uneven places The zipper used in this luggage is of supra brand which appeared very strong and durable during our assessment. It also features genuine premium brown leather details in it.

Other Notable Features


Maneuring this luggage is not a very tedious process. It seems to be very comfortable for prolonged usage even with full capacity weight. This is the right choice if you are going on a long trip with multiple connecting flights and have to move through different terminals. Using this travelpro luggage is very effortless. That’s why you see pilots, cabin crew and flight attendants use this model frequently.

360 Degree Spinner

The spinner attached to the bottom of the travelpro platinum Elite 21” luggage seems to be of great quality. It instantly rotates 360 degree without any lag and we found it will be very convenient. Another important thing about this spinner wheels is that you yourself can remove and fit it in your home.

Magnetic Wheels

This model features a Precision light system by the use of its magnatrac spinner wheels which prevents the wheels from changing alignment in an abrupt way which might cause damages to the wheels. The controlled alignment makes the wheel last for a longer period of time.

External USB Port

This luggage also has an external USB ports complying with all FAA regulations. This can be very useful when you need to charge your mobile phone or laptop without the need to take out your entire charger or search for a power socket.

Powerbank Pocket

Since it comes with the external USB port, it also has an internal power bank pocket where you can store your Power Bank. It meets the FAA regulations for carryon and checked baggage. So you can conveniently charge your devices during travel.

Powerscope Handle

The aluminium powerscope handle fitted to travelpro Platinum Elite 21” luggage offers multiple adjustments as per your convenience. There is no unsteady movements in this patented powerscope handle. It allows 4 adjustments 36″, 38″, 40″ and 42.5.

Tip-resistant tapered expansion

Tip resistant tapered expansion is another notable feature of this softside spinner luggage. You can free up about 2 inches extra space when needed by unlocking the Expansion zippers.

DuraGuard coating

The nylon fabric used in the luggage is coated with duraguard technology which prevents stains and dirts to get attached to it. This makes the luggage appear new for a long period of time.


This carryon luggage weighs 7.5 pounds when it is empty. The weight of this model is similar to most other models available in the market yet the features offered by this model are better than its competitors.

Toiletry Bag

This luggage also consists of garment bag which perfectly fits into the corner of the luggage. It also has toiletry bag which is zipped to the side of the luggage. Both can be removed. The best part is that it is TSA compliant.

Lifetime Worry Free Warranty

Travelpro offers lifetime warranty for customers who register on their portal within a month after purchase. Registration is very easy and can be done on your mobile phone. They offer accidental and airline damage warranty so you need not worry about damage.


Price of this model is affordable and apt considering the features and quality this expandable spinner offers. It is perfectly priced but maybe a bit over the budget for some customers if they are looking below the two hundred dollar range. Otherwise this is a right choice.


Backed with their lifetime warranty and top class features, you are not going to risk anything if you purchase Travelpro platinum elite 21” expandable spinner. Magnatrac spinner, powerglide handles, perfect quality fabric makes this one of the best softside expandable spinner luggage available. If you are looking to buy a luggage for short vacations not exceeding a week, this is the right choice for you.