Travelers Club Sky+ Hardside Expandable Luggage Set Review

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Thank you for dropping by to check out our Travelers Club Sky+ Hardside Expandable Luggage Set Review! In this article, we’ve tested this luggage set and offered some important guideline for you.

I use Amazon as my main platform to search on when looking for luggage bags to review. It’s the most popular shopping portal in the US by far so availing the items I reviewed in here will never an issue for my buyers.

In today’s review, we’re going to take a look into one luggage set that’s been rising in popularity the past few months – Travelers Club Sky+ Hardside Expandable Luggage Set with Spinner Wheels. What attracted me to this bag is the fact that it’s not overtly cheap yet it keeps on selling out. I want to know what’s causing this. Is the set really that good, or is there something more?

That’s what I am to find out. Now, if you are curious, too, then you should definitely read on further. You’ll never know, maybe this review will entice you to get the bag, or maybe even the opposite. Whatever the turn out will be, this article should help you pick out your next luggage bag.

In the next section, I am going to talk about its pros and cons. Let’s start.

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Pros & Cons of Travelers Club Sky+ Hardside Expandable Luggage Set

Every time you are research an item online, you need to read several pros and cons before you finalize the sale. All bags have their pros and cons.

A con does not necessarily mean that the product is bad. Even the very best ones have cons. The key is to understand how much value you will put in the pros and cons.


3 Bags in One Purchase

This is a 3-piece set which means that you are, in essence, getting more than your money’s worth. If you buy the items included in the set separately, it will cost you more. The fact that there is a set that includes 3 different travel bags is a good deal, in my opinion.

If you want a different deal, you can opt for a 4-piece or 5-piece set with the same items. Needless to say, whatever your needs are, you can surely find them here.

Multi-Directional Wheels

The 20” carry-on luggage in this set has a spinner wheel setup. In my opinion, this is the more superior wheel setup because it makes moving it a lot easier. You won’t need to drag the bag when moving it. You can move it upright using this setup.

If you’ve been reading my reviews here, you must already know how much I love spinner wheels. That being a feature in this bag will never fail to get a mention.

15” Tote Bag Strappable To Luggage Trolleys

You can secure the 15” tote bag on top of any of your luggage bag. It has a strap that you can use to slide in the handle. It’s a thoughtful feature that many will appreciate. Even if you are not planning on using this feature, it’s a good additional feature to have. It’s not even obstructive so you sometimes won’t even notice that it’s there unless you’re actively looking for it.

Expansion allowance

With this 20” luggage bag being a hardside, I did not expect an expandable feature in here. That feature is mostly reserved for softside where fabrics can stretch easily.

This is a small bag which means every extra space would be a premium. In case you want to pack some extra items, just pop the extension of this luggage bag and your items will fit right in.

Quality Materials

They used an ABS hardsheel for this bag. While it’s not as light as some other materials that are popular in this segment, it is way stronger than most. You’d have to sacrifice some mobility though because the material they chose is heavier than usual.


No Built-in TSA Locking Mechanism

This set, while not expensive, isn’t considered cheap either. I would put this onto the mid to high range in terms of pricing. That being said, I expected some additional features like an integrated lock but unfortunately, it is missing.

Too Heavy For Its Size

The 20” luggage bag alone clocks in at a surprising 8 lbs. It’s way too heavy for its size. It would’ve been nice if this came in at a more reasonable 5 lbs. I’ve seen some bags in this segment come at 4 lbs so I was a bit surprised when I saw the net weight.

This has something to do with the material used for the hardshell. It is a lot sturdier than what I’m used to.

Quality Rating of Travelers Club Sky+ Hardside Expandable Luggage Set

One downside to owning a hardside bag is they are considerably heavier than softsides. That’s because hardshells are naturally heavier than fabrics. But during the last few decades, more and more manufacturers are coming out with light weight hardside bags that promises to deliver the same durability while being half as heavy.

That does not seem to be the case for this bag. This Travelers Club luggage bag reminds of older bags, heavy, tough, and durable. They do not claim to be scratch-resistant but they may very well do so because of how hard the outer shell is. It is heavier than what you would expect from this size, though. It weighs 8 lbs.

For many, this toughness equals quality. In simple terms, yes. This bag really is tough. If you don’t mind it being heavier than usual, then this bag is definitely a good buy. This is how luggage bags were made back in the day. Remember the 20-year old luggage your dad used to have? This bag reminds me of it, for better or for worse. 4 stars.

Size Rating

The carry-on luggage bag meets most carry-on size restrictions. I say “most” because there are some airlines, though very rare, that have smaller limitations than 21”.

One thing I don’t like about this bag is how heavy it is. The 20” carry-on comes in at a whopping 8 lbs. I have 35” bags that weigh less than this. Yes, I understand that this is a hardside carry-on but it is still too heavy, in my opinion.

As for the two bags that accompany this carry-on, I really can’t say much. They’re nice addition to this bag. I doubt that those are the main reason for your interest in this set though.

The 3 bags in this set are true to size. 4 stars.

Feature Rating

I actually expected to see some cool and innovative features from their bags because of the higher-than-average pricing but was surprised not to see any. Most of the features from this bag are standard – something you’d expect from bags that belong in the lower segment.

But I am not saying that these features are bad. I think a more fitting description is uninspired and boring. This is perfectly fine if you just want a bag that works. For me, personally, I want a bag with features that I find useful like built-in TSA locks and extra pockets. This bag has neither of these, unfortunately.

What I found good on this bag is their material choice. Nailing the durability of the hardshell is hard (no pun intended). If you make it too hard, you risk it being too heavy or brittle. If you make it too soft, then why even use a hardside, then? This Travelers Club luggage bag definitely feels premium in hand. They may have made the hardshell too hard, in my opinion. The should explain the 8 lbs net weight of the bag.

For 20” carry-on bags, limiting net weight is important because you want to be able to bring as many items as you possible could inside the plane. If the bag is heavy, then that’s considered a lost in the storage space, too. For this reason, I am inclined to give this bag an average 3-star rating.

Brand Rating

The name of the manufacturer is Travelers Club. It’s a relatively new company compared to other more popular brands like Samsonite and American Tourister. It was founded in 1986 in Southern California.

If you go to their page on Amazon, you will see that they have all kinds of travel bags. No wonder their page is filled with these ‘discount’ sets. If you need something for your family, their page is surely a good place to start your search.

Based on my tour of their page, I was able to verify that most of their items have 4.5 – 4.7 rating. This means that all of their items have good standing within the Amazon community. I consider 4.5 a good rating. 4.7 stars crosses the ‘great product’ territory for me. Seeing that they have plenty of products that is within this goldilocks spot impresses me greatly.

This particular luggage set has not garnered that many reviews unlike some of their products. But from my preliminary checkup, it looks to be on its way to be one of their bestsellers. At the time of this writing, this particular item has ~1,100 reviews with a 4.6-star rating.

Overall, I would rate this brand a cool 4 stars. But let me be clear, this isn’t a rating for this particular item. This is just a grade I give to the brand/manufacturer.

Product Specification

SKU: 3-Piece Set

Sizes:     20” Carry-on (20″ H x 13.5″ L x 11″ W, 8 lbs)

                15” Tote (10″ H x 14″ L x 5″ W, 0.5 lbs)

                10” Travel Kit (5″ H x 10″ L x 5″ W, 1 lbs)

Department: Unisex-adult

Manufacturer: Travelers Club Luggage


Final Verdict Travelers Club Sky+ Hardside Expandable Luggage Set

If I had to guess, the main selling point of this 3-piece luggage set is the apparent discount that you will get from getting 3 items instead of buying separately. At the time of this writing, this bag is priced at $130.86.

Take note that you are getting 3 items for this price so if you divide the price by 3, that comes at about ~$65. That’s not a good representative of the pricing, though. A more accurate allotment would probably put the bag at ~$90 and $40 for the two bags.

To be honest, I wouldn’t really consider this bag a discount. I’ve seen luggage bags cheaper than this. In fact, I’ve seen 3-piece set offered for $50 less, but I digress. Perhaps there’s something more to this bag that others do not have.

Upon my inspection, one thing that jumps out is the quality of the bag, especially the hard side material. I wouldn’t label the material as scratch-resistant but it’s definitely sturdier than your usual hardcases out there. Maybe that’s the main reason why this bag is more expensive than its direct competitors.

Another thing that I like is the expandable feature. Rarely would you see this feature in a hardcase bag. Most expandable bags are softsides, which is kind of self-explanatory. It’s nice to see this feature in this bag.

Overall, I really liked what I see from this bag. It would’ve been nice if they lower the price a little bit but I really can’t complain. You will definitely get your money’s worth if you buy this set. They offer 4 and 5-piece sets, too, in case you need more bags for your family.