Spinner Vs Inline Roller Luggage: Which one to choose?

Spinner Vs Inline Roller Luggage: Which one to choose?


  • 4-Wheeled
  • 360 degree mobility
  • Easy to to pull or push
  • Multi directional rolling
  • Wheels are vulnearale to breakage
  • Large compartments
  • Movement : All directions

Inline Roller

  • 2-Wheeled
  • Forward and backward mobility
  • Less maneuverable
  • No rolling
  • More durable wheels
  • Expandable storage
  • Movement : Front and back only
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If you are in the market searching for a new luggage, then I am sure you might have this confusion choosing between a spinner and rolling luggage. The wheels attached to the bottom of luggage on both models help us to move them easily as we travel. Most modern luggage have wheels attached to the baseline of them. Let’s find out whether you want to purchase one with two wheels which moves forward or a spinner type with four wheels which can move in all the directions.

Evolution of luggage wheels

For a long time all the luggage created had the same type of wheels which you can use to drag the luggage along with you as you walk in front of it.  They were attached to the backend of the baseline, thus making them capable of rolling forward as you drag and walk before it.

But now due to continuous evolution, we have four wheels attached to the baseline of the luggage which is capable of moving your luggage to any direction instead of just one direction in the previous rolling luggage.Spinner luggage means the wheels can spin in its axis and move towards any direction.

Spinner luggage have two wheels attached to each of the corner.  In total a spinner luggage has eight wheels attached to it for stability. The major advantage off spinner luggage is that you don’t feel any weight when dragging it and you can literally Pull it towards any direction without the need to manually change the position of the luggage.

If you are taking your luggage in a sloped area, inline rolling luggage models have better stability than spinner models. On the other hand spinner luggage can be taken along with you instead of being dragged behind you.

Spinner Luggage vs Rolling Luggage

If you are someone who prefers convenience then the answer is very clear that you have to go with spinner luggage as it is very advantageous during long travel where you might end up exhausted and may not have the stamina to drag your rolling luggage. It requires very less work from your part as they are capable of moving in any direction.

But on the other hand, if you are looking for a luggage wheel which lasts for a longer period of time, then you must go with rolling inline luggage as some customers of spinner luggage complain about damaged wheels in them.  But that doesn’t mean there are no quality spinner luggage brands offering high quality wheels on them, you just have to be ready to shed out some extra $$.

Weight factor

The major advantage of using a spinner luggage is that you will have to deal with very less weight as the spinning wheels reduce the amount of weight that you need to pull forward. They glide away very easily on smooth surfaces and you only need to guide it in the right direction. Most luggage have 8 spinner wheels which might be a bit costly when compared to four wheel spinner luggage. Whenever I use spinner luggage set, I can confirm that I have never experienced any stress in my wrists even after prolonged  travel.

Inline rolling luggage has only two wheels attached to the backend of them which makes you feel the weight in your wrist. For smaller weights it might not be a problem, but if you carry more than 50 lbs you can feel the pressure in your wrist.

Stability Factor

If you are going to use your luggage on a flat or smooth surface, then you can go for a spinner wheel without even having to check about the Rolling wheels. It is very stable and reliable on smooth surfaces. But the moment you take it to rough surfaces, you will start experiencing certain problems with the wheels as the wheel can rotate in any direction and they may get locked in between bumps and stones. So if you are travelling to a location which is uneven then you might experience difficulties in using a spinner luggage.

In such conditions a rolling luggage will be very useful as you only need to deal with two wheels to pull your luggage.

Convenience Factor

In locations where there are very less space you will have to manually change the position of the Rolling luggage to be able to drag it and at times you will have to carry it when it is not possible to drag the luggage to the front. But spinners in such a situation is such a boon for you as it can be easily pushed through narrow pathways due to its ability to spin sideways.

The same advantage turns into disadvantage When you are using it in a rough terrain as the wheels rotate in all directions, they get caught between rocks and stones. If you are sure that the location you travel will have uneven surfaces, you can choose a rolling luggage as you cannot use spinning luggage in such situations.

At the same time rolling luggage can be inconvenient when you are standing in a narrow queue as you are dragging the luggage behind you.

Space Factor

Spinner wheels protrude out of the shape of the luggage and is considered as extra space occupied  but rolling wheels appear like they are in line within the luggage and is not considered as extra space.

Spinner luggage weigh more than two wheeled rollers Which can be a bit inconvenient  if you think weight is an important factor.

Long Lasting Factor

Like any other customer you would also like to choose the one which was the longer lifespan. But customers around the world have reported Damage in the wheels of the spinner luggage due to the ability to spin in all the directions. So if you are about use the luggage in an uneven terrain, choose a rolling luggage instead of spinning wheels.

Price Factor

There are so many options available for both spinners and rollers.  You can comfortably choose one in your budget range. Spinner tends to be a bit expensive than the Rolling luggage due to the extra wheels and materials needed for it. But depending on the brand there are products available for everyone and every budget.

Spinner Vs Inline Rollers - Verdict:

We recommend going with the spinners if you are a busy traveler who goes on trips around the world but in flat and even locations within the city.  If you are going on forest trip or remote area choose a rolling luggage.  Share your views in comments below.