Simplehousware 60-Inch Garment Bag Review

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Welcome to our Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag Review! In this blog post you will find the most important and latest updates about the Simplehousware 60-Inch Garment Bag.

When I embark on a short business trip or a leisure trip, I always carry some suits or any other formal outfit. With this, the need to have a garment bag becomes a necessity!

Usually, a garment bag gives me the ideal organized packing experience since it comfortably stores my outfits and other accessories needed for 3 to 4 business days. At the end of the day, I will be extremely appreciative when my hectic trip keeps me on my feet all day long! 

Now, when it comes to traveling in style, the last thing that one wants to encounter is to reach for attire and find it wrinkled. Luckily, travel garment bags offer travelers the capability to keep their nice outfit spotless and wrinkle-free.

So, whether I am traveling for leisure or business, I can still look like a million dollars. You guessed it right; garment bags are the best to keep everything well-organized for a short trip. 

However, since there are countless garment bags in the market, the process of finding the one that perfectly suits your needs can be quite troublesome.

Luckily, to make it simple for you and shorten the time needed to search the internet and read countless customer reviews, I have reviewed the best travel garment bag you may need to consider.

Read on to find out more about Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag. 

What is Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag All About?

If you are in the market for a large-sized garment bag to hold long coats and dresses, you will typically not go wrong by opting for the Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag.

First, this is one of the finest designer garment bags merely because it comes with a wide and extra-long size that enables you to store anything in it from long winter coats and large boots to suits, tuxedos, and formal dresses. 

Secondly, the garment bag has two incredible handles alongside an eyelet that makes the bag easy to fold. Besides, I can easily transport it to any location I need.

I also like this garment bag because it includes a transparent ID pocket that I can use for identification while traveling. 

In addition, the garment bag is tremendously dust-free, rip-resistant, has a high-quality zipper, and prides itself on having breathable material.

Pros and Cons of Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag

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Excellent value for money

I bought this garment bag a couple of weeks ago and could not ask for more. It was just the ideal size for my mid-length coat.

The bag seems professionally designed, and I am sure it will perhaps outlast my coats! Additionally, the bag has a compartment for shoes.

Regarding investing your money in this bag, you cannot go wrong.

I acquired this unique garment bag for my coat, and it has never let me down. 

Durable and high-quality material

I bought 2 Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bags and was pleasantly astonished. The bags are huge, and I can comfortably store 2 to 5 coats within one bag.

The material, on the other hand, is sturdy and is of high quality. I would still buy this bag again and again if given a chance.  

Perfect for holding multiple items

Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag is ideal for holding several items.

I acquired it to store my large winter coats during my travels. In fact, it perfectly fits two large winter coats.

Still, it leaves some space for extra items. The zipper and bag seem durable.

Additionally, it is quite long, but I anticipated that from the reviews I read online.  

Great for Air Travel 

The bag is thin and light-weight enough for ease of traveling. Also, it is sufficiently durable to safeguard your outfit throughout the volatility of travel.

I had it in airplane closets and the overhead bin on the way to a business trip and arrived with clean and wrinkle-free attire. 

In other cases, I fold it and store it in the checked suitcase. Note, other industry bags are incredibly thick and heavy, making it hard to fold them.

However, since the bag is too thin for cargo hold and the entire process for the checked bags, I would not advise you to allow it to be a checked bag on its own. 

Has a smooth and sturdy zipper

The quality and sturdiness of zipper, stitching, and material seem good.

I also like the bulky of bulky items or extra outfits. The handles make it easy to carry the bag, while the view window is fantastic for remembering what is inside without using the zipper.


Does not fold well with many items

Well, one of the advantages I listed above says that folding the bag is a walk in the park.

But if you store a lot of items in the bag, you will have a difficult time folding it. 

It’s not waterproof

Most of us want things that we can use in any weather conditions in this day and age.

However, this is not the case in this garment bag since its not waterproof. As a result, you cannot use it in rainy conditions. 

Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag Review: Quality Rating

When it comes to buying a garment bag, I always evaluate the material used in the bag construction to avoid the necessity of shopping for another one from time to time.

With this in mind, I need to make sure that the bag has an excellent quality to keep my outfit safe and well organized. Additionally, it is essential for those who travel in areas that receive frequent rains to buy a waterproof garment bag. 

As with any bag, I always opt for a lightweight garment bag, which will be easy to carry and adequately sturdy such that it does not tear or rip at the first sign of travel fatigue. Since the bag is made to fold, the fabric material needs to be quite flexible yet sturdy enough to keep the outfit safe. 

Now, Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag is designed from a non-woven fabric material. The material typically offers protection against dust, rip and tear.

However, it will not protect you against rain and wet climate conditions. With this in mind, I can give this garment bag a rating of 4.8 stars. 

Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag Review: Size Rating

Determining whether you need to check your garment bag or not plays a crucial role in dictating the bag’s size that works best for you.

For the carry-on bags, the maximum measurements typically ranged between 22 X 14 X 9. Thus, it is always advisable to think about this aspect before buying. 

When it comes to the bag’s capacity, some garment bags offer plenty of room for added extras such as wash bags, shoes, and casual outfit. On the other hand, other garments are designed to keep the suits ready for the boardroom and crease-free. 

It is also essential to consider the carrier’s length. For example, if you are looking forward to packing a wedding dress, ball gown, or any other kind of fancy garment, you will have to look for a garment bag that can fit full-length items without crushing them. 

Remember, while some garment bags can only store one outfit, others can comfortably hold more than five. Thus, when it comes to shopping for the perfect bag, I typically consider my travel style as well as the number of items I will need to carry.

And since the capacity affects the weight and size, I frequently go for a large capacity garment bag like the Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag. 

Moreover, size is vital, mainly when one is doing a lot of flying. Since different airlines offer different size restrictions, it is essential to consider the bag’s size to avoid the necessity of checking the garment bag at all times. 

All in all, when it comes to Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag, it has one of the best sizes. First, this bag prides itself on having an extra-wide size, which allows you to store multiple items securely. Secondly, the extra-long size is perfect for tuxedos, suits, gown, winter long coats, long dresses, as well as your shoes. 

Well, I can comfortably say that the bag comes with one of the best sizes in the market. As a result, the bag is worth nothing less than a five-star rating when it comes to its size. 

Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag Review: Feature Rating

When buying a bag, it is essential to make sure it has the best possible features to make your travel experience as smooth as possible. Below are the features that I love in this garment bag: 

Hanging Hook 

When you travel with formal outfits that are often found on hangers in the closet, it’s essential to have a detachable hanging hook within the bag to make it easier and faster to move the outfits from the cabinet into the garment bag along with their hangers. 

Durable and Sturdy Material 

Since you trust the garment bag to store all your valuables safe and organized, it’s essential to buy a bag with durable and sturdy fabric.

Usually, this is unavoidable since the bag will encounter a lot of tears and wear. Keep in mind that buying a cheap bag will end up being costly over the long run. 

Fits More 

With the extra-wide size and long length, there is ample space for the casual traveler. The bag typically holds more than what the standard garment bags hold, and this makes it a favorite among the regular business and leisure travelers. The bag contains a substantial space to store up to three large winter coats. 

Easy Carrying and Managing 

Whether you are walking through the busiest Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport or checking in to the luxurious Vancouver International Airport, you genuinely do not need to be bumbling around with your garment bag.

Straps and handles are essential when it comes to the ease of transporting and carrying the bag. So, if the bag comes with either handles or straps, it will essentially make the bag much more comfortable to carry in several destinations.  

Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag is among the few bags which are given access to overhaul cabins in flights.

The garment bag enjoys the most convenient size and precision that enables you to manage it easily. In fact, you can easily fold the bag and store it in the check bag for smooth mobility. 

Great Construction 

The bag’s material is designed from non-woven fabric, which is incredibly durable and designed to resist wear, tear, and dirt.

The interior is entirely made to allow you to store some minor accessories, such as IDs and other cards. Zip contains a sturdy material to store your items securely. 

Now, in addition to being easily affordable, Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag has some of the best features that you would want in a garment bag. As a result, it is worth a feature rating of five stars. 

Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag Review:

Brand Rating

When it comes to buying any item, I prefer buying from a tried and tested manufacturer. Well, this unique garment bag is designed by Simplehousware, a multinational luggage designer in the world.

Simplehousware has been in the industry for many years, and there are petty complaints from the customers. With this, I can say that the company is worth a five-star rating when it comes to brand rating. 

Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag Review: Product Specification

  • Package dimensions: 11.1 x 8.9 x 1.9 inches
  • Material: Non-Woven Fabric
  • Color: black 
    Size: 26″ W x 60″ L x 5″ D

Final Verdict on Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag

When I am traveling, I always like to have my suits, coats, trousers, as well as shirts in the best way possible. Well, this makes sure I am more than ready for appointments without searching for ironing boards in hotels.

Again, this is only made possible if I have the best garment in place. Thus, I always want to ensure I choose the best in the market, such as Simplehousware 60-Inch Heavy Duty Garment Bag, to make my travels much more comfortable. 

In addition, the garment bags are not only perfect for traveling since one can use them on a daily basis for hanging outfits in the closet. In the process, it ensures the outfits remain wrinkle-free and dust-free.

Given the bag’s high functionality and high versatility, one must buy the best designer garment bags because they assure optimal comfort, quality, durability, and ease of use.