Samsonite Freeform Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels Review

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If you are looking  for the most complete Samsonite Freeform Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels Review, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about this luggage.

In today’s review, we are going to do an in-depth review of one of the better-looking bags on Amazon from the brand Samsonite. The name of the item is Samsonite Freeform Hardside Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels. The particular model we’re going to look into is the carry-on 21” SKU.

I will still talk about the bigger sizes available but for the most part, the carry-on 21” is where we’re going to focus on.

Samsonite Freeform Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels Review- Quick Overview

I’m pretty sure Samsonite doesn’t need any more introduction seeing as it is the most popular luggage brand in the world. Personally speaking, I’d rank the Samsonite brand as the best luggage brand in the world.

There are some good brands that are closing in on Samsonite in terms of quality which means that this brand is not head and shoulders above in its competition unlike before but it’s arguably still #1.

This is a hardside luggage bag which means that it is enclosed in hard shell. This gives it a more solid appearance especially when compared to softside luggages.

Though many would argue that hardside luggages aren’t that much different to softside luggages when it comes to durability. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to the user to determine which is the perfect fit for them.

Part of the reason I chose this bag is it is being offered for a huge discount. At the time of this writing, it is being sold at $139.99 which is substantially lower that its sticker price of $400.

Granted, the original price almost always isn’t the ‘original price’ but it is still an attractive bag even if there isn’t a discount deal. To be honest, it looks every bit as worthy as the $400 price tag even at first glance.

Normally, I only review bags that are priced at $200 because that’s where most of the business sales comes from. Higher than the $300 is already on the premium side.

This being priced at $400 clearly makes it a premium bag. It’s fortunate that I came across this item when it was discounted, otherwise, I would’ve ignored it. Needless to say, it looks to be a good deal but don’t just take my first impression of it.

Come on and read the full review down below.

Pros & Cons of Samsonite Freeform Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels Luggage

In my opinion, the best way to start a review a product after a brief introduction is to quickly dive into the pros and cons section.

This is the part where you can balance the goods and the bads of a product. I’ve yet to see a product that doesn’t have a con. Every product, yes, even the best ones, have their cons. What makes a product great is if their pros can eclipse the cons easily.

That’s exactly what we are going to look for in here. Do the pros of this bag outweigh the cons? By how much? These are only a couple of questions that I will be answering in this article review.

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Available In 5 Different Combinations

While this review is going to focus only on the 21” Carry-on luggage bag, I’d also like to highlight the fact that you are able to get this bag in bigger sizes. This particular bag is also available in 24” and 28” sizes which gives you better option when it comes to traveling.

If you want, you can even avail of their 2-in-1 package deal which combines the 21” and 28” luggage bags in neat little package. The overall price will be lower than if you bought them separately which makes it a good deal especially considering how expensive these bags are.

Multidirectional/Spinner Wheels

If you’ve never tried a spinner luggage bag, you are definitely missing out. It’s one of the features that I always consider when looking for a luggage bag.

You never know what you’re missing out until you’ve tried these wheel designs. It takes less effort to push the bag around and what’s more, is you don’t even have to tip the bag before you can move it. You can roll the bag in the upright position.

I’m still surprised that not all luggage bags come with this type of wheel setup.

Integrated 3-dial TSA-accepted Combination Lock

This is yet another feature that you won’t find in cheap to medium range bags. What’s great about this particular built-in TSA lock is it looks way sleeker than the other versions. I mean, take a look at the product page and tell me it doesn’t look sleek and modern.

Of course, the added functionality of the integrated lock is cool, but I can’t get over the fact that the design looks super futuristic. It looks something out of a James Bond movie. Just look at it.

Don’t Let Its Rugged Looks Fool You – This Luggage Is Lightweight

The weight of this item is a cool 6.5lbs. It’s not exactly on the lightest side of the scale but it definitely comes close. For carry-on bags, they are considered lightweight when they are sub-6 pounds.

This item came really close. I’m assuming that the extra 0.5 pounds came from the premium materials that is used all over the bag. The built-in lock alone should account for the added weight.

Nevertheless, this bag is surprisingly light. From its looks alone, you would assume that it is about 2 pounds heavier than it actually is. Prepare to be shocked when you are able to lift it easily on hand.

This Hardside Bag Is Expandable

I am always impressed whenever I see a hardside bag able to offer an expandable feature. It’s one of those things that cheaper luggage bags fail to implement, and even when they do, they are so sloppily done that you’d question why they’d even bother.

That isn’t the case for this bag. This bag can expand by up to 1” which could be the difference between leaving your favorite jacket and being able to pack it in. It’s one of those neat little features that gives this bag the premium feel.

Available In 12 Different Colors

At the time of this writing, this particular bag is available in 12 different colors.



Light gray



Mint green

Pink rose

Powder blue


Mint green



This means that whatever your preferences are, you would surely find something that will fit your style.


The Hardshell Can Scratch

It’s obvious even at first glance that this is a premium bag. There’s just something in the design, especially in the material choice that makes this product standout among the rest.

Unfortunately, there’s only so much to be done when it comes to the hardness of the outside shell. The hardshell can still scratch.

To be fair, it offers a bit of resistance to scratch compared to most bags but the fact is, it is still prone to scratches which is a shame since you kind of want to preserve the premium look of this bag.

The Hardcase Shell Can Crack And Dent

This bag is solid. As such, it can crack under a certain amount of load. I’ve yet to actually experience any cracking or denting from this particular Samsonite Bag but I’ve read several complaints about it happening. It’s not really enough to warrant any warnings but I have to put some cons in here to make this review fair and unbiased.

It’s actually a good thing that this is the worst con I could come up with because this should be a non-issue for the most part.

Quality Rating

This is a hardside luggage which means it is more durable than most bags. However, one could argue that the added durability isn’t really that significant for the added price. Having said that, this particular bag is on a discount, so this argument doesn’t carry a lot of weight up until the price goes bag to normal.

I’ve been trying to avoid talking about the brand Samsonite in this article because I don’t want this review to be influenced by the brand recognition.

But you can’t really escape the brand Samsonite in this item because all the good things that Samsonite is known for are implemented into this bag. Samsonite really knows how to make their brand standout – from durability, design, features, and many more.

Needless to say, this bag is going to last you a very long time. The maker of this bag is the best in the business for a reason. This is an easy 5 stars for me.

Size Rating

This bag is true to size. Here the exact measurements for this bag.

PACKING Dimensions: 19.5″ x 14.5″ x 10.0″

OVERALL Dimensions: 21.25″ x 15.25″ x 10.0″19”

Weight: 6.5 pounds

This is the perfect size for carry-on, in my opinion. It does not go above the 21” limit, which many carry-on luggage makers do in order to give the illusion that they’re bigger than they truly are. You won’t have any problem checking this into your airline carrier. 5 stars.

Brand Rating

This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed this brand Samsonite. I am always left impressed whenever I finish reviewing an item from this brand because they truly are masters of their craft.

Samsonite is the #1 luggage makers for a reason. They’ve been in this business for more than a hundred years now. That’s more than a century – which is insane! It truly is remarkable how long they’ve been atop of this particular industry.

This brand has and always been the safest choice when it comes to getting your luggage. This particular Samsonite Free Form Hardside, Carry-on 20-Inch is no exception. This bag carries all of the features that made Samsonite the best brand which makes it truly worthy of the rating of 5 stars.

Samsonite Freeform Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels- Product Specification

Department: Unisex-adult

Manufacturer: Samsonite

Item model number: 78255-2136

Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 38.74 x 53.98 cm; 2.95 Kilograms

Final Verdict on Samsonite Freeform Expandable with Double Spinner Wheels

This luggage bag is as good it gets for this price range. This is one of the best-looking luggage bags I’ve reviewed on this website. I usually don’t put a lot of stock in the aesthetic department but there’s just something about the overall design of this bag that’s too elegant and striking for me to ignore.

What’s more, is it comes from a well-known brand, which should rid of all your concerns with regards to the quality. Samsonite is the #1 luggage maker for a reason.

If you have the budget, I’d say go for this bag. You won’t regret it. It has a lot of those features you don’t think you need but once you’ve experienced them, you likely won’t ever come back to your regular bags. That’s what you get from a known brand like Samsonite, and you will get that premium feel from this bag.