Rockland Duffel Bag Review: Real Deal or Garbage?

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Welcome to my review of this Rockland Duffel Bag. But before we start, I’d like to put out a disclaimer that this post may contain Amazon affiliate links.

In this review, I am going to look into a Duffel Bag made by a company called Rockland. At the time of this writing, it belongs in the Amazon bestseller list in the category of travel bag.

That’s the main reason why I’ve decided to review this bag. I also want to see if this bag is really worth the praise I’ve been reading about it online.

When searching for a bag online, whether you admit it or not, the price is the first thing you are going to consider. It’s just in our nature to compare prices to make sure that we are getting the best deal available.

In this case, this bag isn’t the cheapest out of all the duffel bags I’ve seen on Amazon, but it does surprisingly well in sales – too well, in fact.

I figured, “why don’t I review this bag?” I am not exactly a bag connoisseur but how hard could reviewing a bag be? I’m just going to list all the good and bad things about it, then make my conclusion based on that.

I hope this can help you determine if this bag is really worth your money or not. Now, without any further delays, let’s get started!

Pros and cons of Rockland Duffel Bag

This is the section I enjoy writing about because not only does it include the pros, it also includes the pros of the item I am reviewing. It allows me to give a more representative view of the product because I am going to discuss all the things about it, even the bad stuff.

In order to understand the worth of the item, you must need to get both the good and bad things about it. This is the best way to conduct any kind of review. Without further ado, here’s the full review.

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Made From 100% Water-Resistant Polyester That Is Easy To Clean

This fabric contains several different types of fabrics depending on their function. Most of the bag is made from 100% polyester which makes cleaning a breeze.

You can just wet a towel and glide it over the surface and you’re done.

Part of it being easy to clean is probably due to it being water-resistant as well.

Synthetic Lining For Durability

The linings used are synthetic to make the stitching stronger. You can barely see any of the stitching even if you try to pull the fabric apart. That’s a good sign that the stitching is strong.

Removable 22” Shoulder Strap

Another great thing about this bag is there is an additional strap that you can strap into the bag to transform it into a shoulder bag.

You can hold it as a hand bag if you want but if you plan on filling it with your stuff, then carrying it on your shoulder is the preferred way of holding it.

Not too many bags have additional straps which makes this feature quite unique.

Machine Wash Safe

Plenty of bags today are not machine-wash safe. I’ve seen plenty of travel bags go the ‘dry-cleaning only’ route which is surprising given that they are travel bags and are prone to be dirty.

That won’t be an issue here because this bag is machine-wash safe. You can leave the bag on your machine and it will clean just fine.

You probably won’t need to machine wash it to be honest given that the dirt comes right off with just a wipe.

Numerous Zipper Closure

If you search on Google using the term “duffel bag,” most of the duffel bags you’ll see are pretty plain.

Going by the search results I got, yours would like show mostly athletic duffel bags which contains very little pouch inside and outside of the bag.

This Rockland Duffel Bag is different in that it has plenty of pockets both outside and inside the bag.

If you have different articles of clothing, you can place them separately inside the bag. You can also carry some additional items on the extra pocket.


The Designs Aren’t For Everyone

If you’re on the young side, you’ll probably enjoy the designs of the bag. Some of the designs can be a bit too comical in my opinion.

To be fair, they also offer their bags in neutral colors but there are still design elements in there that may not be for everybody.

Good thing that they offer 21 different styles so there’s definitely a style for you.

I’ve always been a fan of simple bags and unfortunately, the only plain design they have here is the all-black one.

It’s a beautiful bag, don’t get me wrong, but I’d prefer it if it were available in one solid color without too much design elements.

Chemical Smell

Since parts of the bag are made with synthetic materials, there may be some chemical odor that’s present in the bag.

If you’ve bought an item that newly manufactured, you probably are familiar with this smell. It’s a chemical smell that is not exactly smell plastic but is close.

It’s a chemical agent they use to preserve the quality of the items during transport. It is safe for humans but it’s not exactly pleasing to the nose. I’ve read reports of this bag having that smell.

However, in my experience, that smell goes away on its own after you air it out. Much better if it’s aired out under direct sunlight.

Only Available In One Size

It is only available in one size which is 19”. It’s not exactly a big bag. It’s actually pretty small when compared to conventional duffel bags, so keep this in mind when ordering.

I’ve read reviews by some people saying that this bag isn’t as big as they’d hope.

Well, if they had read the size specifications which is placed directly under the price tag, it says 19”.

No Padding For The Shoulder Strap

If you fill this bag with heavy items, and trust me, it is able to support it, you will feel the weight on your shoulders.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a padding on the shoulder straps which can sometimes hurt if you carry the bag for too long.

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Rockland Duffel Bag Review: Quality Rating

As for the quality of this item, I can confidently say that it passes the test. The bag is made with several types of fabric to ensure that every part is both durable and well-made.

Some bags are made with one material only, and that’s okay. However, in my opinion, to make the bag stronger, you need to use different materials on different parts of the item since there are parts that are more prone to wear and tear than others.

This bag wisely uses synthetic materials on the parts that doesn’t need to be durable. That includes the lining, the side pockets, and the pouches inside the bag.

As for the body of the bag, it uses a 600D polyester which is the most popular type of polyester for heavy-duty bags. It provides a good balance between durability and affordability.

I am going to base my rating of this bag on the fact that it’s only priced at $18. That’s cheap. For that price, you shouldn’t really be expecting heavy-duty quality but the fact that this bag is well-made makes it special.

Yes, it could’ve been more durable but that will command a higher price. And the cheap + durability is kind of the whole selling point of this item. This is an easy 4.5 stars.

Rockland Duffel Bag Review: Size Rating

The size of this bag is 19”x11”x9” inches. It weighs 1.65 pounds. Compared to traditional duffel bags, this would seem small.

If we go by its current rating on Amazon, sizing-wise, 86% of buyers rated it as “fits true to size.” That means that it measured up exactly what is written on the product page. To give you a better idea of how it would look in your hands, you can use a measuring stick to approximate its size.

To be honest, this bag could’ve been a bit bigger. It’s just 19” across which is just about a foot and a half. That’s way smaller than the average duffel bag.

To be fair, it’s categorized under “travel duffer bag” which is comprised of duffel bags that are travel-sized. In that case, this is actually a perfectly sized travel duffel bag.

4 stars.

Rockland Duffel Bag Review: Feature Rating

Many of the features of this bag you won’t even notice. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing.

What I mean by this is the features of this bag make total sense. These are the features you expect a good bag to have. It’s water proof, machine-wash safe, full of zipper pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, and many more.

These are the kinds of features that you won’t think about when it’s there but will miss greatly if they aren’t there.

In short, this is a type of bag that you buy once and enjoy for many years to come, all thanks to its features. 5 stars!

Rockland Duffel Bag Review: Brand Rating

There’s not much to say about the brand of this bag. The company that made this bag is called Rockland which isn’t exactly a popular brand. It’s a solid brand, don’t get me wrong. But like I said, it’s not a brand that gets good recall.

Rockland is doing well on Amazon. You can clearly see that by the way it dominates the bag category on several subcategories.

In fact, this bag is number 1 trending on Amazon’s travel bags. It’s a very popular brand but not because of the name. It’s popular because it provides a good combination of quality and pricing.

Around 90% of their products are rated higher than 4.2 stars. While that’s not a magnificent score, it is still a respectable score, especially when you consider that their products usually have over thousands of reviews.

Product Specification of Rockland Duffel Bag

Package Dimensions : 19”x11”x9” inches; 1.65 Pounds
Department : Unisex-adult
Date First Available : May 26, 2020
Manufacturer : Fox Luggage
ASIN : B08964C82W

Final Verdict on Rockland Duffel Bag

What’s great about shopping online is you can easily compare different products with just a click of a button. It’s the most convenient way to shop especially if you do not want to deal with pesky salesmen badgering you while you shop.

What’s more, is you can easily compare prices, which is one of the best reasons to go online shopping. And while it’s tempting to always buy the cheapest available option, it’s not always the best decision you can make. Cheap items usually have hidden quality issues that are hard to spot online.

It’s rare that you will find something that is both reliable and cheap. When you do, make sure you also ready reviews before you pull the trigger on your purchase. Read both the good and bad reviews to give you a better idea of what to expect. If you’re satisfied with what you’ve read, then you can proceed with the checkout.

As for this Rockland Duffel Bag, it’s both durable and cheap. Based on my personal experience, it certainly lives up to its high rating. You can’t just take me word for it. You can check the reviews and be convinced yourself.

Overall, this bag is one of the rare ones out there – both reliable and affordable. If you need a travel bag, definitely consider this one. You won’t regret it.