Red Suricata Large Mesh Beach Bag – Beach Bags and Totes Review

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Welcome to my review of another beach bag from the brand Red Suricata. The name of the bag is called Red Suricata Large Mesh Beach Bag – Beach Bags and Totes.

We’re going to put the features of this bag to the test by enumerating all of the good and bad things about it. In that section, we’re going to go over many of its obvious features as well as its hidden quirks to determine if this bag is worth your money at all.

The first thing I’d like to discuss about this product is the pricing. It’s around $45 which is in the midrange. You can find bags that are way cheaper than this but those are usually low-quality items. This particular item aims to be unique in that it wants to position itself as a quality product instead of a cheap product.

Another thing that I will also talk about is the pedigree of this product. This bag comes from a company called Red Suricata which isn’t exactly a popular brand but a reputable one, based on my research. We’re going to discuss this in detail in the coming sections below. Without further ado, let’s start.

What is Red Suricata Large Mesh Beach Bag – Beach Bags and Totes

It’s a standard bag. If you think of a beach bag, this is probably what you will be thinking of. Most of the design elements of this bag are added with practicality in mind. It’s made with mesh material not because it looks cool but because it makes the whole bag somehow sand-resistant.

Many of the features of this bag have the same dual-purpose functionality in them which sort of make this a working bag.

To be honest, this bag isn’t exactly a looker but it does what it’s supposed to do and that’s what important. Maybe it’s just my personal preference though and you may find the style appealing, but I digress.

To base around my rating of this bag from its looks alone would be a disservice since aesthetic appeal does not equate to quality. You will have a better idea of the real worth of this bag once we talk about its features, and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about shortly.

Pros & Cons of Red Suricata Large Mesh Beach Bag – Beach Bags and Totes

This is the part where I discuss all the advantages of getting this bag. I will also discuss the cons to help you form your decision whether this item is worth getting or not.

What’s great about comparing the pros and cons is you will have a better understanding of the product as a whole. Presenting you with only the good things wouldn’t seem fair because there’s always two sides to a product.

Red Suricata Large Mesh Beach Bag – Beach Bags and Totes Image

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Sand-Free Mesh Design

Most beach bags have a mesh design to keep sand from getting inside of the bag. This isn’t just a stylistic choice but more of a functional one.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the feeling of sand getting stuck on all our items.

That shouldn’t be the case here anymore. You can just shake the sand right off, no problem.

As for the sand that gets inside, just shake the bag and it will fall right out of the mesh openings.

Durable Materials

This bag is made from nylon materials coupled with heavy duty polyester materials to ensure that all the parts of this bag are durable.

In my experience, using this combination of materials result in a much more durable bag.

They don’t exactly put out a carrying capacity specifications on the product page but if I had to take a guess, I would estimate around 100 lbs of carrying capacity, which in all honesty, is way too much.

To give you a reference, this bag when filled with wet towels would weight just maybe 40 lbs max. The fact that you have a 60-pound overhead is impressive.

With 1 Water Resistant Pouch/Pocket

This bag has a total of 7 big pockets for you and your family. You can fit anything from lotions to sunglasses in this pocket. This is just the standard setup for most bags.

What makes this bag different from its competition is the inclusion of a water-resistant pouch inside.

This is where you can store your essential items like your gadgets or books.

It would’ve been better if they made the whole bag water-resistant but seeing as the items you would bring would likely be wet anyway, I can sort of see why this is the better option.

Spacious Bag

This bag can easily fit all your gear plus more. This is one of those bags that can carry more than it looks.

Granted, I am reviewing a black bag so there may be some optical illusion going on.

But even still, this is a kind of bag that you can just fill with whatever items you want to carry.

You should definitely go through the product review page of this item to see pictures from users all around the world showing how many items you can fit in it. You’ll be surprised how much it can actually carry.

Available In 6 Colors

While the overall style of the bag isn’t exactly game changing, I will still give them props for making this bag available in 6 different colors.

Sure, the color combination for some of the items can be called questionable. But then again, it’s a beach bag. If there’s a bag that has an excuse to use bright and flashy colors, this would be it.


Weird Smell

This has been one of those complaints that I see from most of the products I review, especially from fabric ones.

I’ve already stated the main reasons why this keeps happening but if you don’t know yet, let me explain.

Fabric bags are usually sprayed with some chemical add-on, like an insecticide or something, to prolong its life in the warehouse.

In some cases, the chemical may seep onto the fabric which gives it that patented chemical smell that we are all familiar with.

That should go away in a day or two of airing out so it’s all good. In case that it doesn’t, you may need to exchange it for a fresher item.

No Antitheft Design

I know that this is a hard feature to implement but seeing that some of the modern bags have this feature, I’m pretty sure there are ways this could be implemented.

I am talking about antitheft feature. This would’ve been my recommended bag if this feature was included but you can’t have everything.


Quality Rating

This bag is durable. It may seem unassuming and standard at first glance but that’s very far from the truth. All the stitched parts are sewn with great care which gives it a durable finish.

Another thing I noticed is the weight. This bag is light. For its strength and durability, you’d expect it to be heavier than it actually is. This is yet another impressive feature of this bag.

I’ve tested this bag along with many reviewers by filling it with the usual items you’d bring on a beach – wet towels, beverage, sunscreen, food, snack, lotions, oils, and many more. I am happy to report that this bag holds up. It didn’t even break a sweat. Your shoulder will give out way before this bag would, and that’s a good thing.

This is an easy 5 stars once again.

Size Rating

The dimension of this bag is just perfect, in my opinion. It’s not too big nor too small. It’s just the perfect size. The page claim that you can comfortably fit 7 beach towels inside which seems generous but if you try to, you can see that it’s possible. You might have to squeeze the last couple towels though.

The page does not contain a volume capacity specification for this bag. I rarely find them helpful to be honest because those specifications don’t account for irregularly shaped objects. This is perfect for a family going out for an outdoor picnic or a beach trip.

You should see the comments with regards to the carrying capacity of this bag. Many reviewers put a list of all the items they could carry inside this bag. To summarize, it can carry a lot. It even expands a bit when full which gives it more volume. 5 stars.

Feature Rating

It’s actually hard to talk about the features of this bag because frankly, there isn’t that many. To be fair, there’s not a lot of features you can insert in these kinds of bags because they’re really just beach bags. You can, maybe, insert a couple of extra pockets here or there, but that’s usually it.

One feature that I can talk about at length though is the quality. For this Red Suricata beach bag, the quality is actually pretty good. More than good, in fact.

I can’t really say how much weight this bag can support but I’m pretty confident that it can support any amount of weight you can throw at it, so long as they are items that usually would bring on your trip. You shouldn’t really expect this bag to support several metal dumbbells.

This may not seem pretty impressive at first but you have to consider that the body of this bag is mostly made from a mesh material. The fact that it is able to support a good amount of weight should speak to the quality of materials and craftsmanship of this bag. 4.5 stars.

Brand Rating

Red Suricata is not a very popular one but it’s an established one.

Red Suricata relatively newcomer in the outdoor products industry that was founded in Sydney, Australia. They have a modern website that you can visit if you want to learn more about their product.

From what I can tell, their product line mostly consists of outdoor items like bags, tents, apparel, beer coolers, and many more accessories related to outdoor lifestyle. It’s a pretty niche category but one that seems to generate good number of sales.

It’s actually quite refreshing to see a new company take on a niche industry instead of tackling a broader industry because niche industries are easier to manage, and the quality of the items will be consistent because of the operational size.

I have no doubt that this brand would aim for something bigger down the line but as it stands now, it fits perfectly into this outdoor niche.

Because of the sheer quality of their items, I am confident in giving this item a cool 5 stars.

Red Suricata Large Mesh Beach Bag- Beach Bags and Totes -Product Specification

Department : Unisex-adult (luggage only)
Dimensions: 27”L x 16.5”H x 8”W
Date First Available : January 30, 2018
Manufacturer : Red Suricata

Final Verdict on Red Suricata Large Mesh Beach Bag- Beach Bags and Totes

This is a kind of bag that you would buy for functionality purposes other than it looks. Sure, you can make this style work if you try but to be honest, it’s not exactly an aesthetic bag to begin with. But what this bag lacks in design elements, it surely makes up for in features.

If you read the feature section above, you will see that this bag is full of features that you won’t normally on similarly designed bags. This is one of those bags that you buy once and keep forever. It’s quality-made. Sure, it is more expensive than most beach bags but they can justify that because of the superior quality.

Even if you go by the rating of this Red Suricata bag, you will see that the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with 4.6 star rating from 600 reviews. It’s not exactly a best-seller but the quality is there.

I’m assuming that the absence of the “bestseller” badge was due to the higher than average pricing of this item. It’s definitely way better than those cheap alternatives so take that as you will. I guess it depends on how much you value quality.

If you are okay with buying new bags every year, then cheap bags may be for you. Now, if you want a bag that you need to only buy once, then this bag is definitely the wiser choice. You will actually save money in the long run, too.