Olympia Apache 3pc Hardcase Spinner Set Review

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Olympia Apache 3pc Hardcase Spinner Set

The experience of your travel firstly and most importantly depends on the way you pack your stuff. And to pack efficiently you need the best luggage that suits your packing needs. But buying luggage is like trying to find a lost needle in a haystack. You know you have to find it but it’s too darn difficult. Well, I will introduce you to the perfect luggage from my point of view that can be your travel companion.

The Olympia Apache 3pc Hardcase Spinner Set has earned a name for itself because of its unique features and user-friendly nature. It’s more than just a bag. It’s the travel assistant that you always needed. With countless numbers of internal and external features, this luggage set will put you on the right path on your voyage. Enough with the sweet talk. Let’s see what this bag can offer you.


 Smooth 4 wheels movement


 Zip pockets with divider


 Hidden compartment for privacy


 20% extra expanding internal structure


The Space You Need

Imagine, you’re going on a trip for a week or so. That means you need to take as much regular usable items that you can. But luggage sets have it’s limit, right? No, this luggage does not. The Olympia Apache 3pc Hardcase Spinner Set has space for all the things that you need to carry to survive a week-long tour.

From your favorite clothes to all the extra necessities, this luggage has enough space for all of them. The space inside the Olympia Apache is divided into different sections for ease of use. You need not worry about the protection of your things from external impacts.

Hard From Inside

The name suggests it as hard case luggage. Does that mean it’s so hard that it will break your leg if it falls? Well, no it won’t! The term hard case is used because of the internal feature of the luggage. The luggage has extra durability from the inside.

That means more protection for your packed items. The luggage contains high-quality ABS material. It can withstand external pressures and keep things safe from any harm. Keep your valuable things inside and forget about worrying.

ABS Material

The Olympia Apache 3pc Hardcase Spinner Set is made with ABS material from head to toe. Do you know what ABS material is? It’s a polysynthetic plastic material that’s one of the most lightest and durable of composite material. Using it in luggage means making it softer and stronger.

The luggage has 100% mesh enabled ABS material which makes it the strongest among others in the market. You can use it as roughly as you like The outer layer will protect inner things from any kind of external damage. Environmental effects won’t cause any harm to your luggage either.

Other Notable Features

One Hidden Compartment

We all like to keep some things hidden from plain sight. Things like laptops, tablets, important documents or other important personal things that we don’t want people to get their hands on. That’s why this luggage comes with a hidden compartment feature that allows you to store your most precious things without people even noticing. The compartment has extra durability to protect the inner storage.

Easy Movement

Mostly, we need to drag a piece of extra baggage with ourselves on trips. It feels so exhausting dragging something while dragging yourself. What if the luggage could move beside you effortlessly? The Olympia Apache 3pc Hardcase Spinner Set comes with four-wheel spinners to enable just that feature for you. Your luggage dragging days will be over as it can move in all directions without becoming a physical burden on you.

Expand Your Packing

This Hardcase spinner offers an additional expanding feature to allow 20% more space than its normal capacity. It can stretch because of the elastic material used in the inner layers. Don’t worry, even if you add an extra 20% of stuff, the posture of the luggage won’t be affected.

Light Handle

Luggage handles need to be soft to grip and light to not add extra weight for better handling. The Olympia Apache 3pc Hardcase Spinner Set comes with an aluminum push handle. It’s easy to operate. The push button is soft and durable. On top of that, it comes with a stylish and trendy look.

Shoe Pockets

You need to carry different types of shoes to survive in different places. For that, this luggage comes with a large shoe pocket, sized perfectly to squeeze in five or more shoes.

Zip Pocket

Zip pockets are useful in keeping things sorted to use at different times. These cases come with a mesh enabled zip pocket. It’s large enough to carry your smaller essentials and keep them in an orderly manner.


The luggage is light in weight compared to the space it provides. It is lighter than most of the bags on the market of the same size. Its light polysynthetic material makes it weigh less.

Prolonged Comfort

This set can provide extra comfort for a longer period of time. If you travel often and stay long hours in flight, this feature will allow you maximum comfort. The maneuverability the Olympia Apache 3pc will provide extra comfort to your travelling days.

Smooth Wheels

The wheels attached to the bottom of a spinner set need to be smooth for easy traversing through terminals, down ramps. parking lots and accommodation lobbies and halls. This spinner hardcase comes with 360-degree spinner wheels that allow smooth movement.


If you’ve read all the way to this point, you would be amazed to know how inexpensive this luggage set is in comparison to others in this sector. Compared to the endless amount of features it is offering, its price is pretty low. You can look at the market for assurance.

Lifetime Warranty

This luggage comes with a lifetime warranty from the Olympia USA company. The company is prestigious and offers 100 percent customer satisfaction.


Don’t rush to your important destinations without a proper luggage set that suits you. Bring the best one as a companion on your adventures. The Olympia Apache 3pc Hardcase Spinner Set will surely provide the efficient service you need. Look into purchasing it before your next trip. Happy and Safe travels.