Hardside vs Softside Luggage For Domestic & International Travel

Hardside Luggage

hardside luggage

Softside Luggage

softside luggage
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The first time when I went to choose a luggage in market, I was very confused to choose between a hard side luggage and Soft side luggage. Though the name itself explains what they are, still there are so many other things you must consider when choosing between a hard side luggage and Soft side luggage. There are benefits and drawbacks for both the types, but depending on your travel and carrying style you must go with the one that suits most of your requirements. As for me, I always choose soft side luggage since it is very convenient for me during my travel.

When to choose Softside Luggage


Soft side luggage has a softer outer structure that is flexible and expendable. Most of the time they are made of Nylon or other synthetic fabric materials.

Flexible and Expandable

The major advantage of Soft side luggage is that they are very flexible when compared to hard side luggage’s. They can into spaces where normally hard side luggage do not feet into. An additional advantage is that they are expandable and you can very well accommodate some extra items when you come back from your vacation.

Has a wide opening

Since soft side luggages have a wide opening, you can very well use luggage organizers and customize its arrangement. You can carry things which normally   won’t fit into hard side luggage as soft side doesn’t have any compartments in it.

Saves space

It is possible for you to store the soft side luggage in a Limited space. You can make your luggage fit into any space like in the aircraft or buses doesn’t matter how less space you have. But in the hard side it is never a possibility.

Can handle some hits

Another important advantage of Soft side luggage is that they don’t get damaged easily. Since they have a softer body they don’t get any dents and scratches unless someone willingly damages it. But in the case of hard side luggage, they get permanent damages when they fall down or get hit. The dents you get in hard side luggage cannot be rectified.

Lighter & convenient

Soft side luggage weighs lesser than hard side and they are very convenient during international travel.  It is more practical when you want to travel a longer time. You also have extra pockets or easy access zips to store things which you need to use often like check in documents in an airport.

When to choose Hardside Luggage


Hard side luggage is made of polycarbonate and aluminum casing. They are of two types. One has a hard side while the other has hard case.

Offers best protection

Due to the rigid hard casing of the luggage, it offers better protection for the stuffs you have inside. It is not possible for any external forces to squeeze or crush the valuables you have within the hard side luggage.

Earlier people feared that hard side luggage might get broken when there is too much pressure on them, but as of now with latest advancement in technology, recent hard side luggage’s are almost impossible to break during your regular travel.

Weather resistance

If you travel during winter or to a location where snow fall is common, the things you take in a soft side luggage might get wet. That’s when a hard side luggage comes in handy.  They protect your valuables from rain and snow.

Easy to clean

It is very easy for you to clean your hard side luggage with wet cloth and it can retain its new look for long while a soft side is not easy to clean as it absorbs dirt and moisture to it from environment. They also can get a smell when exposed to wet conditions for long.

Offers better security

It is not easy to cut open your hard side luggage from behind. On the other side, a blade is enough to cut open your soft side luggage.

More colors

You can’t have so many options in soft side luggage as even a small stain can be easily visible and choosing bright colors can make the situation worse.

But in the case of hard side polycarbonate made luggage, there are so many colors and designs possible. You can get a color matching your expectations.

These are the differences between Hard side & soft side luggage. You can choose one which is convenient and matches your requirements.