French Toast Girls’ Short Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Blouse Review

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Welcome to the most complete French Toast Girls’ Short Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Blouse Review! In this French Toast Girls’ Short Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Blouse Review, you will find every details about this blouse.

One of the basic needs for entry in most schools is having the appropriate school uniform. With this in mind, all parents and guardians face the daunting task of selecting their daughters’ ideal fit. Luckily, there is a vast selection of quality uniforms in online stores, making it quite convenient for you to choose and buy the recommended uniform type easily.

Generally, the uniforms include dresses, skirts, jumpers, socks, sweaters and blouses. The best thing about online stores is that you’ll indeed find everything that you require for your school-going kid. Now, in this review, we are going to review more about the popular French Toast Girls’ Short Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Blouse.

Usually, when it comes to choosing a blouse for your girl, you need to consider two fundamental features: functionality and attractiveness. As far as the blouse attractiveness is concerned, the color, style, and size are crucial determining factors. Regardless of their age, it is no secret that girls want to appear stylish at all times. 

Thus, it would be ill-advised for you as a parent to select an unappealing and ill-fitting blouse that may end up reducing the girl’s self-esteem. All in all, you can never go wrong with a French Toast Girls’ Short Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Blouse. Read on to find out more about this unique blouse.

Product General Description

A perfect gift for any girly girl out there, this modern rounded-collar blouse is comfy, perfect, and cute for all occasions. When it comes to this unique blouse, you will be more than happy to realize that it is machine washable. Also, when needs be, only make use of the non-chlorine breach. Some of the elements that make this blouse popular include:

  • It comprises 55% cotton and 45% polyester
  • It is imported
  • It is machine wash
  • Cotton blend poplin
  • Button closure
  • It comes with the latest Peter Dan Collar
  • It has the cotton-blend poplin

Make your little girl’s school days much more unforgettable with the stylish and smart French Toast Girls’ Short Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Blouse. Naturally, the French Toast blouse incorporates a cool comfort and classic appeal needed by all school-going girls. Indeed, in order to satisfy your demands, these blouses are available in many sizes and colors. So, keep changing your girl’s look and ensure that they stand out from the rest by using this affordable and durable French Toast Peter Pan Collar blouse.

French Toast Girls' Short Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Blouse Review

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Pros & Cons


Cute and High Quality 

First, this blouse is attractive, and it does not wrinkle like other shirts that you can get from the company’s competitors. Secondly, the collar is stylish and makes the uninteresting school uniforms quite girlier and elegant. Although the shirt is not 100% stain resistant, it would be worth keeping in mind that its quality is over the moon.  

The shirt may be used for a school concert provided the dress code is white and black. Moreover, the shirt is true to its size and comes with soft collar material to make it much more comfortable for your little one.

It has the Best Peter Pan Collar 

French toast seems to be the best brand that offers the best Peter Pan collars. You will certainly love the look on your daughter. The blouse will fit your girl just fine. However, since the buttons tend to be tight close to the chest, it would be wise to order one size up, especially for those kids that are quite huge.

Best Uniform Shirts for Girls 

From the word go, you will love these blouses. If your daughter’s school demands them to wear the white uniform blouses with the ‘peter pan’ collar, we can confidently say that these shirts from French Toast are the best out there.

First, it has a snug fit, which you will like because your daughter will have to put it on under a dress. Thus, it is wise to have them fitted. In addition, the shirts hold up perfectly to lots of washing.

Available in Several Colors 

In addition to being used as a school shirt, you can choose to use this blouse on other occasions since it’s available in different colors. Currently, the blouse is available in white, light blue, yellow, pink, and blue.

Well Made 

If you have just started looking for uniform shirts for your children, you can attest that there is poor quality right, left, and center. But, this French Toast blouse with Peter Pan collar is fantastic! You will love the fitted darts and unique collar. Additionally, the incorporated non-iron fabric is exceptional. The shirt works perfectly for school and dresses and under jumpers. You cannot thank French Toast more for delivering the perfect school shirt.


Since this blouse washes well, there is no need to iron. Some parents allege that the shirt is relatively thin and rather boxy, and it would be helpful for their girls to put it on under jumpers for school uniforms. On the other hand, some say that it is wide to wear with skirts. All in all, you will love the fact that the shirt is a wash and wear.


It Might be Quite Small for Your Girl

If you follow the sizing guide, you may end up purchasing an item that does not fit your kid appropriately. Else, it may fit your kid for a couple of weeks. With this, you end up buying a shirt that does not last a year.

Notably, you do not just have to go by your size when it comes to ordering clothes online. You actually need to measure your child’s size. Some users allege that they ordered a size 14 and ended up receiving a size 8. So, as a precaution, you may have to acquire a larger size than your kid.

Thin Material

If you are used to the thick and heavy material, this shirt may not be ideal for you. The material used in designing this shirt is relatively thin, making the cotton feel softer than what you expect from the thick materials.

Quality Rating

The first impression plays a crucial role, and attire helps a lot in creating a memorable one. French Toast blouses with Peter Pan collar offer a positive effect on your kids’ general personality and behavior. In fact, school uniforms go a long way in impacting the school’s reputation and perception within a community.

Now, when you decide to buy a shirt for your kid, the quality of the material used in designing it is the most crucial factor to keep in mind. As a general rule, the fabric needs to be sufficiently strong to endure the regular tear and wear. Whether you buy clothes online or offline, you can rest be assured to get the best quality from French Toast.

Besides, irrespective of the batch you order, whether small or bulk, you can be assured that French Toast will not compromise on every blouse’s quality. Putting on a smart and good shirt not only boosts your kid’s confidence but also gives her a perfect look. The durable material used in manufacturing this shirt is worth a five-star rating.

Size Rating

First, French Toast designs blouses that genuinely measure up! Here, finding the ideal fit for your daughter is as simple as 1-2-3. The manufacturer is aware that children come in different sizes. So, French Toast recommends you consider the measurements over the undergarments as opposed to your kid’s clothes for the best results. In fact, the designer offers a size chart that gives you the ideal sizing based on these measurements.

In order to get the ideal fit for you kid, the manufacturer uses three crucial measurements:

Height – here, measure the height of your kid without shoes. First, ensure that the feet are together and the child leans on a wall. Secondly, place a measuring tape from the floor to the child’s head.

Chest – place the measuring tape under the kid’s arm and around the chest’s broadest section. Ideally, the tape needs to be comfortably loose.

Waist – run the tape around the child’s natural waistline. Here, it would help if you placed an index finger between the child’s body and measuring tape to assure a comfy fit.

With all things considered, a blouse that comes with the perfect fit enhances confidence since it makes your child feel and look smart. On the other hand, a tight shirt will certainly limit movement and may also hurt the circulatory system.

A baggy shirt comes with an impression of a sloppy appearance that affects the kid’s confidence. Now, when it comes to the sizes offered by French Toast, there are numerous sizes to fit all kids regardless of their sizes.

However, some online customers allege that they ended up purchasing smaller shirts for their kids after following the company’s website’s size charts. Although this may result from a child having a large body that is not proportional to her age, the allegations were quite many. Thus, when it comes to rating the size of this attire, we can give it a 4.4-star rating.  

Feature Rating

First things first, it is essential to note that school uniforms assure an improved environment for learning. Generally, uniforms help the students to focus on their most crucial task, learning. With this in mind, what is better than acquiring a popular and authorized blouse like the French Toast blouse with Peter Pan collar.

By eradicating the everyday distractions of unregulated school clothing and the peer pressure linked to ‘label competition,’ uniforms often set a perfect tone for a proper work attitude in the class. In addition, it enhances the student’s performance and lowers the behavior problems. At the end of the day, here are some of the features that you will find in this shirt.

Stretches Smoothly and Easily

Whether your child is kicking a ball, jumping, sitting, or just kicking back, the fabrics used in designing this blouse guarantees comfortable stretch. Notably, with a smooth stretch, the shirt is destined to last for many years.


The manufacturer values the hard work that goes into every penny that you spend on your kid’s wardrobe. Thus, in order to facilitate the growth that comes with being a child, this shirt is reasonably adjustable to fit accordingly.

Wrinkle Free

In addition to valuing your time, French Toast values your kid’s appearance. Keeping this in mind, this the wrinkle-free fabric material used in designing this shirt offers a polished look that does not get wrinkles after washing.

Generally, your kids will probably wear a shirt throughout the year. Thus, it is essential to look for durable attire made from highly-rated materials. The fabric that you opt for needs to have a breathable quality. For the American weather, cotton is the most preferred material. Now, since this shirt comes with the essential features, we can comfortably give it a five-star rating when it comes to its features.

Brand Rating

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, French Toast is undoubtedly the best school uniform supplier in the United States. The company manufactures school attire for children in countless schools across the country.

French Toast’s incredible expertise in designing and selling top-rated school attire online and offline has made it one of the world’s leading school uniforms manufacturer. You can choose from a wide range of styles and sizes while ordering your item online or offline.

The manufacturer’s primary focus is on the product’s quality and ensuring that all customers get the whole value for their money. Thus, if you are in the market for the finest blouse with an exclusive Peter Pan collar for your daughter, look no further than French Toast’s category.

In addition to the above, French Toast items are quite affordable and will not stretch your budget. What this means is that French Toast’s brand rating is worth nothing less than a five-star.   

Product Specification

  • Package Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 8 Ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 8 Ounces
  • Material: 55% COTTON, 45% POLYESTER
  • Colors: available in several colors
  • Machine wash: Yes
  • Sizes: Offered in Standard and Plus Sizes


A school premise cannot be imagined without the students wearing the appropriate school attire. It’s believed that children’s school outfits’ primary goal is to implant the notion of discipline and motivation in the little ones. Additionally, it appears to create a feeling of cohesion in the students. So, if you need your kid to stand out from the rest, there is no better way to attain this than acquiring the French Toast Girls’ Short Sleeve Peter Pan Collar Blouse.