FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag Review

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Welcome to probably the most detailed bag review you will ever come across today. In this review, we are going to do an in-depth look into a product called FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Detachable Beach Cooler.

I know, it’s quite a mouthful. It’s not an easy name to remember but it’s pretty descriptive which is pretty nice. You’re going to know what you’re going to get based on the name alone.

It’s an odd quirk that I first noticed. But let’s go beyond that now, shall we? This is a review after all. I don’t want to spend my time discussing the right naming convention for this product. Instead, I want to discuss this product – quality, features, pricing, and all the stuff that determines if this product is worth it or not.

Let’s start now.

What is FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag?

Well, it’s a bag. A mesh beach bag if we’re being specific. But I know you’re not here for that cheeky description. You want the details. You want specifics. You want to know if this bag is worth your hard-earned money – and that I will answer.

It’s actually very tricky to give a detailed description of the product using only words. I could still try. I’ll probably link a couple of pictures to give you a more accurate image of the item. The image can’t show the features though, which is probably the most important part of every product there is.

To know more about the features, you must not judge it by its look alone. You should read about it, and I am going to help you with that. I’ll discuss in the next section the features of this bag. This may seem like a simple bag at first glance but there is definitely more to it than it looks.

Pros and Cons of FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag

In this section, we’re going to dive right into the heart of this product to see what it’s made of. I am not just going to point out the best things about it. What’s good about this section is I will also talk about the things that I don’t like about it.

It’s always good to talk about both the pros and cons of an item because this would give you a better idea of what quality to expect. I am going to start with the pros of this product, then go into its cons after. This should give you a much more rounded idea of this product.

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Many of the things I will talk about here are just the features of this Mesh Beach Tote Bag. It is packed with features that this pro list is going to be populated by it.

2-in-1 Bag Design

This is not just an ordinary tote bag because it also has a built-in cooler at the bottom. You can separate the two bags if you want too but they can be brought as one.

The cooler bag can be attached to the bottom of the bag with the use of a belt as a fastener to secure it in place. It’s a pretty nifty feature that I’m surprised not a lot of bags do.

This cool quirk allows you to basically carry both your food and drinks in one bag. No more separate bags for each food category.

This is way more convenient than having to carry two separate bags every time you go out.

Durable Materials (150 lbs carrying capacity)

It’s made from 600D polyester and while this material is not exactly the most durable type of fabric, it certainly offers the most bang-for-your-buck.

It’s probably the most utilized fabric in bag manufacturing which is saying a lot. It offers a combination of rigidity, pliability, and affordability that many other fabric types can’t offer.

High-Frequency Welding Technology

This isn’t the same as the welding that you’re familiar with. It has more to do with how seamless the stitching is.

This is especially helpful when storing sealed foods. You don’t want your items to lose their warmth or cold.

In a lot of bags, the stitching starts to fail way before the fabrics. This is due to low quality stitching. You can conduct a quick stress test to see if the bag is up to your standard.

Simply check for any visible stiches and try to peel over the adjacent fabrics. If the stiches look like they’re ready to give way, then you can assume that the stiches aren’t good quality.

Spacious Cooler Compartment (34L total)

This can be lumped together with the 2-in-1 feature above but I’ve decided to make a separate section because I want to point out how awesome this feature is. You can probably fit 12-18 beverage cans in there.

It is surprisingly spacious. What’s more, is it has a sealed lining which promises to keep the cold of your beverage.

Nobody wants to drink warm soda or beer. This bag keeps them cool.


This bag comes with a 12-month warranty. If you want a refund or replacement, just contact the company that makes this item and they’d happily send you another one.

I’ve yet to encounter any replacement or refund request for their items but they claim to send in a replacement, no questions asked.

Mesh Design With Zipper Enclosure

Another great stylistic choice for this product is their mesh design. Since this bag is primarily for use in the beach, it comes with a breathable mesh fabric that is designed to shake off beach sand within seconds.

I’m sure you’ve had that moment where sand would cling to your bags, or sometimes even be stuck inside it. No more of that here. You simply just shake it off and the sand will come right off.

Here’s a Short Video on FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag


Lack Of Color Availability

I normally don’t get bummed out when bags are not available in a color I want to. However, for this bag, I sort of wished they had more color variants.

At the time of this writing, it is only available in two colors. That’s too few in my opinion.

The design of this bag is simple enough and it works with every style. Giving more color options would surely be a good business decision. We’ll see if they add any variants in the future.

Only Available In One Size

This isn’t a problem that’s exclusive to this item. I have shopped for many bags and this sizing issue seem to be a problem that persists no matter what brands I try.

It seems like most bag companies have agreed upon a single size ordinance to make things uniform. Not that I really care since this bag is the perfect size for me. But then again, having an option to go one size up is definitely good.

The Mesh Fabric Can Rip

If you combine the two bags together, the ‘mini cooler’ bag would be at the bottom being supported by a belt fastener at the top. If the bottom bag is full with beverages, there’s a chance that it can rip the mesh right off.

In my experience, this has never been a problem but I’ve seen how other people stuff their bags one too many beers, so this scenario definitely possible.

No Antitheft Design

Antitheft zipper designs are all the rage now. Just few years ago, no one was doing it but after a few social media campaigns for these types of bags, it was suddenly popular, and became preferred type of zipper almost overnight.

To be fair to this bag, it’s a mesh bag. Anyone could easily rip it open to take out what’s inside. An anthitheft feature would seem useless.

It’s also a beach bag which shouldn’t really be a hot item for wannabe thieves. But yes, adding an antitheft lock is always going to be a good feature no matter what type of bag you carry.


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Quality Rating of FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag

The bag is quite durable. Even the parts where mesh fabric is primarily used seems rigid enough – definitely strong enough to carry several packs of beverage.

What’s surprising about this bag is how light it is. Normally, you’d expect something thick and heavy for such a heavy-duty bag. That isn’t the case here.

I’ve tested this bag by filling it with items that are the usual beach carry-ons – wet towels, cans of soda, sunscreen, sunglasses, lotion, oils, and whatnot.

The bag does not seem to even break a sweat. No signs of failing, which is more than what I can say with my arms. With that much carry-on, it honestly felt like my arms would give out way before than this bag would. That is saying something about its durability.

This is an easy 5-star rating for me.

Size Rating of FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag

There’s not much to say here. It’s the perfect size for a beach bag. Not too big, not too small. You can probably cram items in there for 3-4 people. It’s a good size for a family.

Now, if you are looking for something bigger, then it’s not going to be carry-on bag anymore. Maybe just buy two if you really need additional space. Otherwise, you are kind of stuck in this size since this is the only size available. This is 4 and a half stars for me.

Feature Rating of FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag

I’ve already talked about the features of this bag on the section above, in the Pros section specifically.

This section is just going to be a summary of that. Basically, the features of this bag make it a great multi-purpose bag. You can use it anywhere you like.

The beach tote bag is only in the name but you can use it however you like. You can carry your groceries with it, take it to school, make it into a make-shift make up kit, and many more.

What elevated this bag from good to great is the 150lbs capacity. Rarely would you ever see a bag this small and lightweight have this much capacity. 150 lbs is one whole person! Imagine that.

I imagine not many of us can fill this bag with 150 lbs of stuff, and that’s the beauty of it. It has all that strength for the sake of having it.

To give you an idea, the highest I got was 80 lbs and that included 4 wet towels, 14 cans of soda, all of our tech gadgets, and practically all lotions I could stuff in there. My arms were giving out way before this bag does. Another easy 5 stars for me.

Brand Rating of FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag

FITFORT is not exactly a household brand but it is quite popular.

It has an adjusted rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, which is quite impressive considering that the total amount of reviews is ~190,000. That’s an overwhelming positive amount of reviews.

And while I can only talk about my experience with this item, I can confidently say that you can never go wrong with this bag.

It might not be a status brand or an item that you boast or flex on social media but it gets the job done, and it does so effortlessly. This deserves nothing less than a 5-star rating.

FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag with Detachable Beach Cooler Product Specification

Product Dimensions : 19 x 15.5 x 6.5 inches; 10.4 Ounces

Department : Unisex-adult

Date First Available : May 5, 2019

Manufacturer : FITFORT

Final Verdict on FITFORT Mesh Beach Tote Bag

While this bag won’t turn heads nor increase your style points, it gets the job done reliably. It’s a plain ol’ bag that you buy once and use for many years to come. You may not consider features when buying for a beach bag but it does matter a lot.

What’s great about this bag is you buy it once and keep it for years to come without even thinking about it. You probably won’t even have the slightest clue of the features that came with it. In your eyes, it’s just a bag that is reliable. It just works. And you keep using it until it falls out, but it never does.

That’s the beauty of this bag. You buy it once and you get a bag that will last you a lifetime.