DELSEY Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag Review

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Welcome to our DELSEY Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag Review! In this review, we’ve test this tote bag and have some important guidelines for you!

In today’s review, we’re going to review something a bit different.

If you’ve been here before, you must already know that most of my reviews are about luggage bags. Today, we’re going to change it up a bit for some novelty. Granted, this item is still related to luggage but it’s not the usual hardcase or softcase that you’ve come to expect from this website.

The item is a tote bag that has wheels. The name is DELSEY Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag, Black, One Size. It’s Amazon’s Choice for “rolling carry on luggage for women” keyword.

Nevertheless, whatever you may want to call this bag, tote bag or luggage bag, one thing’s for certain – it needs to be reviewed. So, without further ado, here’s the full review.

Pros & Cons of DELSEY Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag

The best way to start a product review is to follow up the product overview with the pros and cons. This is the practically the summary of the whole review – where most readers skip to to see the qualities that could make or break the item.

They can always go straight to the conclusion but that doesn’t give them the whole spiel on what makes this bag special, or what makes it a dud.

And right before I start, I need to remind you that every product, even the best ones, will always have their cons. No product is perfect so it’s okay to see a couple of cons in this item. What you need to look out for is if these cons are dealbreakers. As for what qualities are dealbreakers, that’s up to you to decide.

Let’s start with the pros. I hear that it is always good to start with the positives first.

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Perfect Size For Light Travels

If you are traveling domestically, or even internationally, and you don’t need to carry plenty of items, then this bag is the perfect size.

It can fit under most airplane seats and inside the overhead compartment. Whichever storage option you choose, you can fit it easily.

It’s not the usual carry on luggage bag shape though. It can be described as shaped as a tote bag but with wheels.

It’s not the most good-looking luggage bag out there but as long as it gets the job done, that’s good enough.

Plenty Of Compartment And Pouches Inside

This bag comes with plenty of interior pockets, a lot more than usual. This is perfect if you want to keep your things organized inside your bag.

You don’t need to buy a separate organizer for your stuff if you choose this bag as your travel buddy.

Another great thing about this bag is apart from the extra interior pockets, it also has smaller pockets inside the bigger pockets.

If you like to carry your toiletries and other small items inside your carry-on, this bag would be an easy choice.

Available In 6 Different Colors

It is always a plus when a bag comes in different styles or colorways. In my opinion, bags that do not offer color options are clearly missing out on potential sales.

Buyers have their preference, especially when it comes to colors or styles. To have more options means having more potential sales.

One thing that I find peculiar is each of the 6 different styles are priced differently. Normally, they would get offered at the same price so I find it weird that this product goes the opposite with it.

The black version is the most expensive one, coming in at $72.30 which is $4 more than the next most expensive colorway.

This Is A Tote Bag

What I mean by this is you can use this bag as a tote bag. You can remove the wheel mechanism of this bag by sliding it off the bag. It’s not the most beautiful mechanism I’ve seen but it works.

The way it works is pretty basic. This bag has a giant slit where you can park the trolley tubes (included in the sale) thus ultimately making it a carry-on luggage bag.

This is a great feature that you will definitely appreciate for long travels. A tote bag full of items can get heavy so having the option of a wheel support is a smart design choice.


Heavier Than Expected

To be fair, this bag isn’t exactly heavy, at least relative to its direct competitors.

It comes in at 5 pounds 9 ounces which is acceptable but when you consider its petite size, it does seem to be heavier than it needs to be.

Part of this is due to the added padding for the wheel slide add-on. It’s a sacrifice that you can easily overlook because of the added functionality of the slide-in wheel design.

Harder To Control Than Actual Luggage Bags

Because this bag isn’t made to be an actual luggage bag but rather a bag that can turn into a wheeled luggage bag, it’s not as mobile as the thing it’s trying to emulate.

This is often the case in 2-in-1 items.

This Bag Is Not Guaranteed To Fit In All Under Seats

While this bag is pretty small, that’s not a guarantee that it will fit in all airplane under seats.

Some airlines have smaller under seats which makes it hard to guarantee that this bag will fit. This will fit in most under seats though. But like I said, it’s not a guarantee.

Perhaps this con should be considered more of an issue within the airline industry that they do not offer standard under seat dimensions.

Quality Rating

This bag is made from fabric. As far as I can tell, the fabric holds up nicely. It’s thick and durable. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it’s scratch or tear-proof – it’s not. It does look stronger than most fabric bags in this segment so that’s definitely a plus.

There’s a bit of a downside to this durability which is the weight. This bag is heavier than usual. Considering that it is a carry-on bag and there’s usually a limit to how much weight you can pass through there, every bit of weight matters. It’s not that big of a dealbreaker though considering what you get in return –the addition of a wheel.

This bag is rated a 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, which isn’t exactly high. Personally, I consider 4.7 out of 5 to be highly rated, with at least 2000 reviews. At the time of this writing, this Delsey Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag has around 1,450 reviews so the rating is already a good representative of the real rating.

Overall, I would give it a 4.5-star rating because of the solid build and great material choice.

Size Rating

This Delsey bag comes only in one size. I would’ve loved this bag even more if it came with a smaller size option but I will take what I can get.

One issue that you may find in this bag is it may seem too big for some airlines. Newer planes, especially the ones where the seats are closer, are notorious for decreasing the storage capacity of their under seats. As such, you may find that this regular sized tote bag sometimes can’t fit.

Other than this issue, I find this bag perfect for traveling. It’s great as a weekender bag because of the additional pockets. 4.5 stars.

Feature Rating

There’s not a lot of notable features you will see on this bag. In fact, it’s missing some key features that I’ve come to expect from premium luggage brands.

I would’ve loved this bag more if it came with a built-in TSA lock. This bag is not exactly cheap so expecting that feature is warranted, in my opinion.

Another thing that I would’ve loved to see is the addition of spinner/multi-directional wheels but as I see it, this would be too much since the wheel mechanism can be detached. I don’t think a spinner wheel design is optimal for this design.

Enough talk about the features it lacks. Let’s talk about my favorite feature of this bag which is the sleeve. Rarely would you see a tote bag that comes with a sleeve to allow the addition of wheels.

This is perfect for when you are tired of carrying it around, or if it’s full with heavy items. You can just pop the wheel mechanism in place and roll it around. Easy.

It does move a bit rockier compared to similarly-sized luggage bags because of the inline wheel design but it’s manageable. 4 stars.

Brand Rating

I’ve reviewed this Delsey brand before and just like my first review of this bag, it left me very impressed with the quality.

Delsey is now considered a direct competition to Samsonite, which is arguably the #1 luggage bag makers in the world. To be compared to Samsonite is already a high honor in itself because it speaks to the quality of this brand. It may not be as storied as Samsonite but it’s definitely getting there.

Delsey’s offerings have all the features you see on premium bags. After all, you can already consider this brand one of the premium bags.

It may be more expensive than the usual luggage brands but it shows in the quality of their work. Even at first glance, the premium quality is evident – from the material choice to the craftsmanship present in each bag.

Overall, this brand is one of those brands that just screams quality. Maybe a few years from now it can dethrone the #1 brand, but even if it does not, their quality and craftsmanship seem comparable enough that it’s easy to recommend this bag to anyone looking for a luggage bag. Solid 5 stars.

DELSEY Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag Review:  Product Specification

Product Dimension: 14. 5″ X 14″ X 9″
Department: Unisex-adult
Manufacturer: Delsey Luggage, Inc.

Final Verdict on DELSEY Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag

This bag is one of those types of bag that you buy once then forget. This is not a knock on the product. The opposite, actually. What I mean by this is once you buy this item, you know that it will last you a long time so your forget about it. The build quality, materials, features, and premium feel is just perfect.

I’m pretty sure the reason they’ve selected an almost boring design is because that design is timeless. Since you will be using this bag for many many years, it makes sense to use a design that transcends time, though boring as it may be.

This is definitely one of the best buys out there. Never mind the price tag because what you are getting is just quality work, through and through.