Coolife 3 Piece Luggage Set Review [Is this the Best Spinner?]

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The luggage market has undergone countless changes in the last few years. There’s likely more options in the luggage aisle right now than few years before.


In this review, we will look deep into COOLIFE 3 piece hardside luggage set and put forward the positives and negatives of this model to help you make your buying decision.

For a lot of travellers, choosing the right luggage is an uphill task with the plethora of options available. Having a convenient luggage set when traveling abroad is a must to boost your travel experience.

Ranked #1 in Sales

It’s not as easy as you think to choose a luggage set which you and your family will agree as the best after using it. It is frustrating to know that you can’t blindly believe the features offered in the paper.

Only after testing it for a period of time you will get to know about the quality of the luggage set.

Don’t despair; I know you won’t be able to test this product before you purchase. That’s why we purchased COOLIFE Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight with TSA Lock and tested it to find out if it is worth all the hype.

Coolife is one of the well-known brands that offers a lot of luggage sets in the economy range.  Their design is creative and the price is affordable for everyone. It has created a name for itself in the luggage set market within few years.

Size of the luggage

This luggage set comes in a 3-piece,  the lowest size is carry on which is just 20 inch while the biggest size is checked in luggage sized 28 inch.  The other luggage available with the set is medium sized 24 inches.

It has enough room for most of the products you will carry for a 4-5 days vacation. This 3 piece set is ideal for your entire family. You can carry as much item you need for your vacation.

There is one 4 piece variant which is suitable to be used as a family luggage set.

You can fit each of the luggage into the next bigger size.  They fit in perfect so that storing this hardside luggage is very convenient for you.

Notable Features In This Luggage

This luggage is made of scratch resistant ABS material due to which it is extremely lightweight and is durable. It does not get damaged during normal transit as it is 100% ABS material used for the hard shell.

Coolife is made of 100% ABS Material.

It has a retractable handle which makes it easy to store even during crowded rail or ferry travel. The aluminum Telescopic handle looks highly premium and at the same time is very convenient. This sturdy telescoping handle is another popular advantage of this model.

It has 360 degree maneuverable spinner wheels which is extremely silent even when dragging through uneven surfaces.

This model also has interior mesh zip packets in it, which is elasticated for extra accommodation of valuable items.

There are two options which you can choose. One is a normal lock which functions perfectly and the other is a TSA  compatible lock. You can upgrade to the package with TSA locks when you order your coolife luggage set.

Non TSA Lock

Is the Design Perfect?

The design of this luggage is one thing that makes a huge difference when you are navigating.  It is available in bright colors and comes in an elegant design pattern which attracts everyone looking at it. So it excels in the design aspect when compared to other premium models.

Finding your luggage is not going to be an issue for you due to it’s bright colors. You can find it the moment you see it. So we will rate is 5 stars when it comes to the design.

Customer Service Rating

There are companies which lack in customer service, especially when they offer a product at such a low price,  But that’s not the case with coolife. They seems to be waiting for your queries and address them the moment they receive it.

Customers are claiming that they have received their issues solved within 24 hours.  Some claim that they have got a full refund if the product is damaged during transit and partial refund if they get it damaged during the warranty period.

Value For Money

Pricing is extremely economical and worth every penny you pay for the product.  The price and the features it offers have made it as one of the best selling products in Amazon.

We rate it 5 stars when it comes to the price.

Durability & Quality

From our research,  we found that it is not the best luggage set available out there,  but it is the best in this price range. It is the lowest priced product offering premium features in it. No other models are available in this price range with the features offered by it.

It can withstand multiple days of a journey in rail, ferry or an airplane. The maneuvering capacity of the wheels is great and is smooth even on rough surfaces.

When it comes to quality, we rate is 4 stars. But you get more worth than what you pay for.

What are the Plus Points

Smooth zipper present in the luggage set. It is extremely smooth and easy functioning just like the ones you find in premium luggage set models.  Most customers feel this is one of the important plus points of this coolife luggage set.

Smooth zipper and non TSA locks present in this luggage. You can upgrade to TSA approved locks during purchase.

Quality locks present in this luggage facilitates easy locking. Though some customers have trouble unlocking the luggage set using the default pin provided,  It is perfect for the majority of customers. If you upgrade with their TSA approved lock, it will be very convenient for you during airport check-in.

It is lightweight and attractive. The ABS material makes it durable but lightweight.

What are the Negatives?

The hard shell is not extremely hard. It can be dented easily even with slight force. The case can crater even if you sit over it. But it returns back to normal shape as you relax the tension from it.

Having items that can easily break within this luggage can be worrying during your transit. The dents occurring in the outer hard shell can have an impact on the items present inside.

It can get scratches/scuffing easily.  Due to the extremely bright eye-catching colors,  every minor scratch is visible in this coolife 3 piece luggage set. However, this can be solved by using a luggage cover.


This model is not for someone looking for an extremely premium and high-quality brand.  But on the other hand, this is for people looking for a good 3 piece luggage set in the lowest price possible.  You can’t expect more for this price and the top class customer service they offer makes it a great purchase.