Clear Tote Bag NFL Stadium Approved Review

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In this review, we tested Clear Tote Bag NFL Stadium Approved and provide you with important guidelines that you really need to know about this bag.

Did you know that bags have to be approved by the NFL before you can bring them inside a live game? If not, don’t be ashamed. I don’t think this is even common knowledge.

Personally, this is probably the first time I’ve heard of it, or paid attention to it. The only things I bring to a live game are my wallet and a hat.

In this article, I am going to review a bag that is NFL-approved. It’s called Clear Tote Bag NFL Stadium Approved, which is pretty self-explanatory, and is the usual naming convention on Amazon.

Most items on Amazon have this long name that is pretty descriptive to make sure that users can easily learn what the item is all about.

Since this is an NFL-approved bag, it abides by a strict guideline imposed by the league. This is to ensure that nobody can bring illegal items inside the stadium.

This is an added protection for all the audience since large crowds are prone to being rowdy. I mean, have you seen how college games go? Even a single audience that get too excited can halt a game by doing something illegal.

Because this bag is made via requirement, I don’t think it is fair to expect much from it, build-wise. There’s really nothing remarkable about this bag, and that’s not exactly their fault. The league wants to have a uniform look for all their bags.

Pros & Cons of Clear Tote Bag NFL Stadium Approved – Handles, Shoulder Strap, Zipper Closure

To make this review more objective, it is important to write about both the pros and cons. It’s not fair if I only write about the pros, or just the cons. You need to learn both these things to make a better judgment about this product.

I am going to start with the pros of getting this bag. I feel like I need to tell you to temper your expectations here. To be honest, it’s pretty hard to come up with pros and cons for this product.

It’s a very basic bag that does its job and to write more than that, I’m going to need to stretch my imagination.

Clear Tote Bag NFL Stadium Approved - Handles, Shoulder Strap, Zipper Closure Image

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The Largest Size Allowed In The Stadium

At the time of this writing, this is the biggest size available for a stadium bag.

Of course, you can always bring a smaller buy transparent bag but the storage space isn’t going to even be comparable.

If you plan on bringing your kids, you probably need to bring their stuff along, which will require bigger storage.

Anything smaller than this size will be lacking, in terms of storage capacity.

You can also sneak in a couple of beverages inside this bag, which all of us have tried at some point.

Made From Heavy Duty PVC Material

PVC plastic material is a good material to use for bags because it is heavy duty.

It doesn’t tear nearly as quickly as other plastic materials. It’s even stronger than some fabric, which is saying something.

This doesn’t mean that this bag can’t be cut. A blade can still do damage to this bag quite easily, but not like a butter through knife kind of damage.

This bag can offer a bit of resistance to sharp things. It’s a good feature to have especially if you are planning on bringing some valuable items inside.

Can Be Used As A Travel Bag

If you are finding it hard to justify buying this bag for the sole purpose of using for your NFL live game, just think how it can also double as an every day bag.

It’s a good bag to have if you aren’t particular about people seeing your items inside.

Off the top of my head, it can used as a gym bag, shopping bag, beach bag, or travel bag. It is a good all-around bag that you can use every day.

Easily Pass Through Security

Another thing that’s good about this bag is you can easily get through all kinds of security without a hitch.

They won’t feel the need to scan or open your bag because they can clearly see what’s inside.

If you don’t want people touching your stuff, just use this bag to avoid all the hassle.


Most of the cons of this bag have something to do with the fact that it is transparent.

If you are a private person, you wouldn’t really like this bag because everyone can see the items you’re carrying.

The Clear Bag Design Isn’t For Everyone

Some people won’t even give this bag a chance because it is transparent.

A lot of people put great value on their privacy and this bag seems to bring forth the opposite of that.

You Can’t Bring Sensitive Items Inside

You can’t bring select items like your passbook, personal documents, or any other kind of sensitive items inside your bag.

It’s not that you physically can’t, it’s just not recommended since it can easily be seen by everyone else.

You can, of course, put any item inside if you choose to, but to be safe, some items are not recommended.

The Bag Has A Plastic Smell

Because the bags sit in the warehouse for quite some time, they sometimes develop a kind of chemical smell that’s pretty noticeable when first opened.

The chemical will go away on its own once you air it out. If you are planning on using it once it arrives though, you should expect some a plastic smell.

Not all the items will have this smell, mind you. Only the older ones that’s been sitting inside the warehouse will have this smell.


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Quality Rating

Based from the reviews on Amazon, the quality of this item is pretty solid. It is durable enough to hold several liters of beverage.

I’ve been reading plenty of reviews for this item and I haven’t seen any complaints about the build quality, which is surprising. Usually for plastic bags, they seem to stretch out easily, especially where the fabric and plastic meet. That is not the case here.

Overall, this is a good bag, quality-wise. Even if you are not planning on watching a live game, you can still find many uses from this bag. From that alone, this deserves a cool 4 stars.

Size Rating

I really can’t complain about the sizing of this product since it is being regulated. The largest size you can bring to a game is 12” x 12” x 6”, which is the exact measurement of this bag. As such, based on the parameters given, this is an easy 5-star rating.

This bag is true to size so you don’t have to worry about receiving a smaller item. It is sized exactly how it should be. 5 stars.

Feature Rating

The biggest feature of this bag is the fact that it’s a bag that is allowed in all kinds of stadium inside the USA. You don’t need to worry about security flagging you down for bringing a questionable bag in game.

Additionally, it is the largest possible size bag you can carry without attracting the attention of security personnel.

I’ve already written many of the features I like about this item, and about all of them have something to do with their transparent characteristic.

Brand Rating

The manufacturer of this item is named Handy Laundry. It’s a medium size company with 3 main categories of products – Bags and Totes, household items, and storage organizers.

For the most part, there is a uniformity within their product line. All have something to do with household and everyday items.

You can find household stuff in here that range from shoe organizer to laundry bag. They have plenty of items that you don’t exactly need but will buy anyway because of impulse.

If you frequent Amazon, you know what I’m talking about. Amazon is full of these items, and that’s what makes browsing so addicting.

Handy Laundry seems like a pretty solid company. Their items aren’t really that complicated which means that they are neither good or bad. They’re just really okay. As for their quality, I would rate them as 4 stars.

If you go to their page, you will see that most of their products have ratings of 4 and above. This good rating speaks a lot to the quality of this company.

Clear Tote Bag NFL Stadium Approved Review: Product Specification

Product Dimension: 12” x 12” x 6”
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
Date First Available : March 20, 2018
Manufacturer : Handy Laundry

Final Verdict on Clear Tote Bag NFL Stadium Approved- Handles, Shoulder Strap, Zipper Closure

This bag does what it’s supposed to do, and more.

If you are planning on attending a live game, depending on how many things you usually bring, this bag could be a must-have.

What’s more, is with you buying it, you get an everyday bag. The transparent quality may not be for everyone but it sure is a functional bag, all things considered.

There’s really nothing much to talk about this bag especially since it is following a guideline. But if we’re going to use that guideline to give out a rating, this bag is an easy 5 stars. Overall though, I think a 4.5 star rating would a be little more fair.

The transparent characteristic is not exactly for everyone. Many people won’t even consider buying this bag for that reason alone.