Spinner Vs Inline Roller Luggage: Which one to choose?

spinner vs roller

Spinner 4-Wheeled 360 degree mobility Easy to to pull or push Multi directional rolling Wheels are vulnearale to breakage Large compartments Movement : All directions Inline Roller 2-Wheeled Forward and backward mobility Less maneuverable No rolling More durable wheels Expandable storage Movement : Front and back only If you are in the market searching for … Read more

Hardside vs Softside Luggage For Domestic & International Travel

Softsided vs hardsided

Hardside Luggage Made from strong poly-carbonate & aluminum materials Stain resistance Waterproof Lightweight Protects fragile belongings Built in TSA approved locks Available in printed patterns & solid colors Built in organizational features/compartments Rigid body helps to absorb shock from airport handling Softside Luggage Made from durable synthetic fabric materials Can be cleaned with fabric cleaners … Read more