Briggs & Riley Baseline Upright Domestic Carry-on Luggage Review

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From socks to electronic devices, you need all your must have items close at hand while taking a trip, in an easy to manage piece of luggage. One of the biggest problems that we face is shortage of space and intelligent compartment layouts when trying to choose a versatile carry-on. Traditional carry-on luggage is designed to provide space in a limited amount and comes with a few extra features. But not all of them!

The Briggs & Riley Baseline Upright Domestic Carry-on Luggage is the ultimate solution to the storage problem faced by most business, light packing, individual, couples and family travelers needing quick access to a few of their most important items. With a unique classic appearance, this piece of luggage has some of the best modern features according to user statistics. As a frequent voyager I have utilized this fantastic travel companion first hand, and here are my thoughts on it!

?Glass frame made of Hybrid Fiber

?Smooth movement with front and side carrying options

?SpeedThru front pocket for quick access

?Up to 25% expansion feature


Classic Design

Taking a quick glance at this bag, you wouldn’t have an idea of all to be found inside. The exterior of the luggage is similar to classic carry-on travel luggage. But here comes the surprise! The outer shell of the luggage is made out of synthetic polymer with hybrid fiberglass.

The ballistic polymer of nylon gives the luggage extreme flexibility. The fiberglass provides extra durability, making this luggage more impact resistant. Because of the extra layers and exterior coatings, this carry-on can withstand a lot of heat, and can be your best travel companion when dealing with a rainy day.

Expansion and Compression System

The most unique feature of this luggage is the expansion and compression system provided by the CX technology. The luggage can be expanded up to 25% of its initial size when you need to pack some extra things. This can be done with a simple push on the designated button.

After you’re done with packing the extra load, you can just press the button again to revert the luggage back to its initial storage size. That means the luggage won’t increase in size even after packing 25% more stuff. This expansion-compression design has made it more popular than any other luggage for domestic travels.

All Around Portability

With overall dimensions 22×14×9 inches, this carry-on luggage is accepted for overhead storage in all the major domestic airlines and most of the international airlines. The outside depth after complete expansion is only 11.5 inches. That’s pretty low compared to other luggage with the same dimensions. As it is carry-on luggage, you won’t have to worry about paying any extra fees while traveling with it. It can be stored overhead easily, and at a weight of 9.3 pounds, it can be handled pretty easily by most people too.

Other Notable Features

High-Quality Handle

The front handle of the luggage is made out of aluminium. The material used is aircraft grade and highly durable. It can withstand any type of weather condition. From rough rainy days to hot summer days, the handle can withstand anything.

Different Heights

There are 4 handle height stops for different situations and people of different sizes. You can easily switch between the stops to adjust it according to your choice. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about loose stops as the handle stops are designed to keep it at place.

Carrying Options

Besides the aluminium handle, this luggage comes with a side handle for easy transportation. The side handle is made out of durable nylon polymer. It can withstand plenty of pressure while providing the smoothness and comfort you need to carry it for a longer period of time.

Quick Pocket

The luggage comes with a unique quick access pocket at the front side. You won’t have to rethink about where you have kept your passport, boarding passes or change. The quick-access pocket is just at the front of the luggage and it can store your smaller but important documents or objects.

Zip Pocket

There is a mesh zipped pocket inside the luggage. This pocket is designed to hold smaller objects and keep them separated from other objects inside. You can store crushables, delicate containers or for needed quick access to important items in this pocket.

Garment Panel

The garment panel inside the luggage is designed to keep inner belongings organized. It blocks the movement of the objects inside. The wrinkling of your clothes due to luggage movement isn’t a problem with this feature.

Tethered Strap

There’s a tethering smart strap situated at the bottom of this Briggs & Riley carry-on luggage. This strap enables carrying multiple bags with the effort of carrying just one.

Smooth Wheels

This luggage features double rollers as wheels with two leg stands at the front. The rollers offer 360-degree movement on all surfaces. The leg stands work as support for the luggage to stand at a certain point or angle.

Zipper Action

The internal and external pockets of the luggage feature smooth moving and self-repairing zippers. These zippers can be used roughly and still work the way they are supposed to.

Corner Guards

All 4 sides of this bag features protective guards. These low profile protective guards keep the corners away from sudden harm. The corner guards have a protective layer of reinforced polymer.

Foamed Bar

The interior frame consists of foamed roller bars that keep clothes away from wrinkling and getting mixed up. There’s a hook for hangers. You can keep the clothes which you need most, hung separately

Lifetime Guarantee

This carry-on luggage comes with a lifetime guarantee to replace the damaged bag should an issue arise. The customer service is excellent and responds in a brief amount of time.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of unique features that make this piece the best travel companion for both domestic and international travels. The Briggs & Riley Baseline Upright Domestic Carry-on Luggage can assist you with your travel packing in several different ways. You’re sure to see the difference during your next trip.