Top 5 Best Softside Luggage

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When you plan to travel for a long time then it’s mandatory to have a good quality luggage set. After 42 hours of researching the best soft side luggage sets, our product experts have chosen that Pathfinder Luggage Presidential 4 piece Spinner Suitcase Set is the best. The soft side bags are expandable up to 15% extra packing space and they are highly durable.

Softside luggage is best for most of the travelers and it suits for those who like to travel light. Its trolley handle is adjustable in various heights and the wheels are easy for maneuverability.

Suitcases with 2 wheels are easy to pull behind you whereby the 4-wheeled versions are easier to manage in tight spaces. With so many options available, check few of the below products to enjoy your next adventure.

  • Pathfinder – 1st 
  • Nautica – 2nd
  • SwissGear – 3rd
  • Olympia – 4th
  • Atlantic- 5th

#1 Best Overall- Pathfinder Luggage Presidential 4 piece Spinner Suitcase Set

The Pathfinder Luggage set is the best lightweight spinner which is packed with great quality as well as durability. This soft-side spinner suitcase has 4 different pieces, each one has unique functionalities. The carry-on suitcase is perfect for short trips; it also has two larger suitcases which is ideal for longer trips.


It is structured as honeycomb which features cutting-edge technology, the entire frame of this suitcase provides great protection for the items you placed inside. The three upright suitcases have trendy designs with 8 spinner wheels and telescopic handle. Both of these features are useful for easy travel. 


This suitcase comes with a strong design yet lightweight, it is fully packed with a lot of storage options. The carry-on suitcase has a storage capacity of 35L, the medium suitcase has 69L which is suitable for longer trips or weekends, finally, the large suitcase has a capacity of 100L so you can pack as much you need.

Their 360-degree enhanced wheel systems allow to move smoothly, it comes with 8 wheels 4 on each corner for better support and control.


It is the best durable option no one can pinpoint any bad reviews on this product. This bag comes with two exterior pockets, one main compartment, two zip lined mesh pockets for your convenience. One of the great benefits is, all the three suitcases can be expanded giving more space to pack inside.




#2 Best fashionable design-Nautica 4 Piece Spinner Luggage Set

Nautica’s luggage brand is best for cruise travel, one interesting fact about this product is, and the bag is water-tight and known for their lightweight easy-travel materials. It is highly equipped with in-line skate wheels and metal ball bearing for easy transportability.


This set has amazing style choices and it’s the best waterproof lightweight luggage. Nautica has 4-pieces which include a full checked bag, medium or optional carry-on, and a 20-inch carry-on with a messenger bag. This luggage is suitable for an average traveler as it is budget-friendly.


All the 4 suitcases are coated with a water wicking material; it also has a separate inner pocket for storing valuables which is perfectly zippered. It uses 1200D durable polyester for better quality and the interior sections are completely lined.

  • Water-tight
  • TSA lock
  • 4 spinner wheels
  • Adjustable valet

The 4 spinner wheels are fitted for free-floating, and the aluminum telescopic handle allows push/pull the suitcase. All zipper closures are durable which fits the TSA lock to keep the valuables safe.


It is made of 100% polyester water-wicking materials that add extra durability to the luggage set. It is also scratch proof so that it lasts for a long time with the same glossy appearance. Other durability features are quality polyurethane wheels, aluminum handles, wide zipper pulls, and a telescopic handle.



#3 Best Durability - SwissGear 3 Piece Suitcase Set

SwissGear luggage has distinctive styles and designs also their design goals are lightweight products so that you can feel light wherever you travel. This soft-shell luggage is specially made of canvas, cotton, and leather. The high-quality PVC materials are used so that the bags last for a long time.


The entire design of this luggage looks rugged and fashionable. What makes this product fashionable? There are unique clasp pockets and zippered pockets which attracts the customers a lot. This amazing set has an overlarge checked bag at 30-inches which can offer 120 liters of packing space.


The SwissGear luggage set has three suitcases with a handy backpack, some of the features of this set are,

  • Highly durable 360-degree multi-directional wheels
  • Telescopic handle
  • Ergonomically designed
  • In-line skate wheels

The suitcases can easily run on multi-directional 360-degree spinner wheels for better movement. The telescopic handle locks in a place and is ergonomically designed. It has two rectangular side pockets and a face pocket with a clasp.


It is made of cotton canvas and nylon material which are lightweight durable materials for Softside luggage. Other durability features include polypropylene spinner wheels, a telescopic handle made of standard aluminum which pushes up and down easily also the elastic straps clips at the middle.




#4 Best lightweight - Olympia Luggage 3-Piece Luggage Set

The Olympia 3-piece luggage set comes with a lot of innovative designs which attracts people of all age groups. Its compact rectangular shape looks simple yet ergonomic; it distributes the weight perfectly while using the expanders.

This luggage set has 200L of total packing space with plenty of extra room so you can place whatever you need for the travel. 


This compact luggage spinner has a 22-inch carry-on, 25-inch medium checked a suitcase, and a 30-inch large suitcase. All the compartments are expandable which offers a lot of room for placing the essentials. One of the unique elements is in-line skate wheels which evenly distribute the weight and move freely.


This luggage set comes with an extremely organizable interior with tie-straps and there are three different compartments for shoes, toiletries etc.

For smooth rolling the push button handle is made of aluminum to provide ergonomic support. There are multiple zippered pockets which offer extra storage space on the top for expanding your bags.


This bag is less durable than other soft-shell luggage, yet some of the special durability features include in-line skate wheels, a telescopic handle, a high-quality watertight inner lining, a front pocket with a better foam padding. These materials are durable as overall but it is heavier.




#5 Smart choice- Atlantic Luggage 2-Piece Spinner Set

The Atlantic Luggage sets are highly affordable, lightweight and are specially made of long-lasting materials with the honeycomb frames. This luggage set is a pretty smart choice for professionals as there are two business formal pieces available at 22 and 26 inches.


It is a 2-piece spinner set which is lightweight and designed with a honeycomb texture. These suitcases have multidirectional 360-degree spinner wheels for smooth rolling beside you, and it has extra exterior pockets for better storage. These bags have a 22-inch carry-on suitcase, 26-inch checked bag size and the large suitcase comes at 28 to 30 inches to offer plenty of space.


It is constructed of top-quality materials which attach the design together for additional padding. The dual outer pockets can be used for storing simple items.

  • Dual outer pockets
  • 360-spinner wheels
  • Watertight lining
  • Zippered mesh pockets

The 360-degree spinner wheels are attached at the bottom for better mobility and quick motion, it spins with the telescopic handle which locks in a place. The interior compartments are crafted with watertight lining for safety.


It is constructed with smooth gliding wheels, durable fabrics, and interiors with plenty of organizing options. Its highly durable honeycomb shape protects all your belongings perfectly. This luggage set provides a secure opening and closing of all exterior pockets. 



atlantic 1

How to choose the suitcase for travel

When you look for luggage for travel decide whether you need a hard side bags or a soft-sided suitcase. Soft-sided luggage is expandable and it can accommodate up to 25% more if you need space. It is made out of soft materials like leather, nylon, PVC, or polyester.

Compare different luggage compartments and pick the one that suits your style. Both the luggage sets offer a lot of advantages so travelers have to pick which luggage type will be best for them.

Hardshell Vs softshell

Hard-side luggage protects your essentials better than soft bags and most of the ultra-lightweight luggage pieces fall into this category. But if you give a lot of pressure to the hard side luggage there are chances for breaking and cracking.

Why soft side is best?

Soft bags are easier to squeeze and it absorbs shock better than their counterparts. There are many varieties of soft-sided luggage so you can pick a carry-on with zippered backpack attachment, or a duffel bag that can be strapped on your back or wheeled through spinners at the bottom.

What makes luggage lightweight?

The luggage weight lies in the luggage frame, the material, and other extra features like handles and the wheeling system. Mostly soft side luggage is constructed of durable rip-stop fabrics like polyester or nylon.

Why nylon is best? It is highly durable and easy to clean. The lighter the frame the better. Some of the additional features like the telescopic handle, wheels also add weight to the suitcase.

Final words

The soft side luggage is easier to lift as it is extremely lightweight. It is suitable for people who travel frequently. This type of bags gives you a comfortable and relaxing feel while traveling.