Top 5 Best Hardside Luggage in 2020

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When planning for a business trip or family trip, you must decide which luggage will best accommodate all your belongings. Look for high-quality luggage which can fit all the stuff inside and keep track of easily. Most of the travelers prefer hard side luggage for its sleek look as well as packing configuration.

Hard shell suitcases offer added protection for your valuables which also comes with unique designs and spacious interiors. This type of suitcases has a durable exterior while the double spinner wheels make navigating the airport easy.
Do you look for a high-quality suitcase with plenty of space, then use this below guide to pick the right luggage for your travel needs.

Best Brands of Hardside Luggage

  • Rockland – 1st 
  • Samsonite – 2nd
  • Delsey – 3rd
  • American Tourister – 4th
  • AmazonBasics – 5th

The 5 Best Hardside Luggage

#1 Ranked: Best Overall - Rockland

Rockland Luggage set is the best lightweight option for those who love to travel. It is made of ABS which is durable, shock resistant and abrasion resistant. There are three pieces in a set which measures 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches and weighs only 6-10 pounds. It’s the most affordable luggage in the market.


This luggage set has a boxy and plain design, which is available in a variety of colors so you can pick the right color for you. With the four spinner wheels, you can move smoothly through the airport, its telescopic handle gives strong support while pulling and pushing.

• 4-spinner wheels
• Telescopic handle
• Zip-lined interior
• TSA approved lock

Its interior part is roomy which can hold all the valuables safe, and then the TSA approved lock secures the entire suitcase because intruders can’t open it.


The carry-on luggage measures up at 20 x 13 x 9 inches, and 24 inch Rockland has the size of 24 x 15 x 10 inches and the 28 inches is of 28 x 17 x 12 inches. There is a total of 8 multidirectional wheels that you can maneuver at 360 degrees.


Rockland builds a durable, expandable set with unidirectional wheels which is crafted of the best aluminum. Interior pockets are perfect for storing smaller items; its compact hidden zippers enhance the look of the luggage.



Rockland Luggage

#2 Ranked: Best Flexible - Samsonite

The Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside luggage is the light and flexible suitcase which is completely made of polycarbonate material for long-lasting durability. It’s the rolling carry-on suitcase that features a TSA side lock as well as x-strap for additional security. This suitcase makes your traveling easier and comfortable.


Samsonite has 4 spinner wheels attached at the bottom, so you can take it anywhere without getting too much of strain. It’s retractable handles rise up from inside and retract back in, just to ensure that it fits into the overhead lockers. The TSA approved lock will add extra security to your luggage set.

Inside the suitcase- Organizing the essentials

The Samsonite Winfield 2 is capable of storing all your valuables without any fear; its interior compartment has a best nylon lining along with x straps, a divider compartment. Why divider and x straps are needed and when it is useful? It helps to keep things organized when flying. The zipper mesh pockets are multiple which are attached inside the bag.


The total weight of this set measure up to 27 pounds, they have a retractable double handle which can easily maintain the weight of this suitcase. This suitcase absorbs impact as they are designed to flex under stress and then retains back to the original design.



Samsonite Winfield

#3 Ranked: Best Durable - Delsey

Would you look for a stylish, lightweight spinner suitcase? Then Delsey Luggage helium is a great choice for you. The hard shell is made of 100% polycarbonate so the luggage is incredibly durable and light. You can push the suitcase beside you as the spinner wheels can roll 360 degrees around.


  • It has double spinner wheels
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Easy access front compartment
  • TSA approved lock
  • 100% polycarbonate

Excellent wheels

It may be tough to carry your luggage when dragging it behind, so your arms get tired. So this suitcase comes with a double spinner which gives you the maneuverability. It’s easy to drag the luggage beside you even through the crowd in the airport.

Comfort Grip handle

The handle is made of strong aluminum and makes it rock solid, but it gives comfort and soft grip when you hold in your hands. The luggage handle has a single button at the top to hold it in a position. When you walk the handle won’t scroll up and down it remains stable and moves around much easier.

Front compartment

Delsey has an easily accessible front compartment where you can place all your travel documents, laptop, mobiles or whatever you want. There are two mesh pockets which keep the small toiletry items handy.

TSA locks

This suitcase has a 3 dial combination lock which is TSA approved so you can lock your luggage. All your personal belongings will be kept safe from intruders so you can travel safely without any discomfort.



Delsey Luggage

#4 Ranked: Best Brand - American Tourister

It’s one of the best luggage brands aside from Samsonite; this is a better choice for short trips or night travel. The American Tourister spinner is made of ABS plastic, yet it can be expandable up to 1.5 inches. This suitcase has multidirectional spinner wheels, an extendable wheel handle, as well as carry handles. The Moonlight spinner weighs about 10.5 lbs.


It comes with the main compartment, a small zipped interior pocket, a mesh divider and a cross straps in the large compartment. The telescopic pull handle along with a push-button mechanism helps to store securely when not in use. It’s also scratch resistant so your bag may last for a long time.


It has an expandable main packing area where you can also over pack all your necessities. There are a zipper panel and two large interior panels which allows expansion room for storing capacity. The ABS plastic has the high-temperature resistance that makes the luggage solid and durable.


It weighs 11 pounds which is lightweight and the hard shell exterior measures 28.25 x 19.5 x 12.5 inches. You can get a smooth and effortless ride and are very easy to roll 360 degrees on different grounds. You can get plenty of space for your stuff when you are going for a long.



American Tourister

#5 Ranked: Best Scratch Resistant - AmazonBasics

Do you look for the high-quality luggage at an affordable price? AmazonBasics is the right product for you. This luggage set includes 3 pieces that measure in at 20, 24, and 28 inches. The hard shell is scratch resistant which enhances its durability and strength; it is one of the top-rated luggages which are perfect for over packing.


The AmazonBasics spinner luggage looks simple and it’s the right choice for the people who love to travel light. Its hard shell is plain and direct because it is made of the hard but lightweight material ABS. The wheel of this spinner is smooth and quiet which is excellent when you’re rushing through the crowded airport.


It’s made of ABS which is lighter in weight than polycarbonate also it is cheaper to use. The pull handles are constructed of the strong and durable aluminum to offer a grip while rolling the suitcase.

It is expandable up to 15% and has a fully lined interior with divider. There are 4 double spinner wheels for easy mobility which are securely mounted with the short handle.


This set is designed with the zippered compartment and an organizer for storing small items at the front pockets. It’s a 28-inch hard shell bag that gives great stability at the back of your luggage. Spinners also provide an excellent motion which can be movable in any direction.




Hardside Luggage- Buying Guide

The hard side luggage is made of strong materials which protect your valuables inside safely. It’s impossible to break the exterior shell through the airport or other usual travels. Maneuvering is so easy because they have 360-degree wheels which offer smooth and quiet operation.
What to look for in a luggage set?


Pick the luggage that has spacious compartments and separate sections for clothing and smaller pockets for gadgets. You can also buy luggage with built-in extra panels of fabric that you may unzip if you need more space.

Spinner Wheels

Mostly all modern luggage come with wheels; four-wheel spinner luggage has a wheel at each corner of the piece. It offers excellent mobility on flat surfaces which also spins for 360 degrees. It can be easily tilted and rolled like a two-wheel case. The upside of this luggage set is its rigid frame. Some of the luggage comes with an excellent waterproof quality so it can last for a long time.


When looking for the best luggage set, it’s very important to consider the material and its level of durability. Mostly hard-sided luggage is made of aluminum, polycarbonate, or ABS materials. These are extremely durable materials which are resistant to rough handling. ABS is lighter than PC but it is not as durable as those made from polycarbonate.

Final Words

There are different varieties of luggage so choose the one that suits your style and needs. The above ultimate guide helps you to find the perfect luggage and it makes your travel comfortable and easy.