Beach Bag, F-color Mesh Beach Bag Oversized Beach Tote 9 Pockets Beach Toy Bag Review

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Welcome to our most detailed Beach Bag F-color Mesh Beach Bag Oversized Beach Tote 9 Pockets Beach Toy Bag Review!

Can you really pack your stuffs at once using F-color Oversized Mesh Beach Bag and enjoy your trip? In this Beach Bag, F-color Mesh Beach Bag Oversized Beach Tote 9 Pockets Beach Toy Bag review, we provide you with the most important review facts about this beach bag.

What do you need to carry in order to have the best day at the beach? Well, nothing but just a couple of good friends and close family members, of course.

The memorable times you share and the good times you experience are all that counts. Indeed, it would be wise to carry some sunblock because your skin will undoubtedly undergo some severe burns.

With the hot sand and all the water in the ocean, carrying a towel is inevitable. Speaking of the hot environment, having some chilled beverages always make your day on the beach calm.

Furthermore, books, music, and games are welcome too on the beach. Also, what about snacks, a ball, sunglasses, and a kite, perhaps? It would also be worth noting that you need to have your sunglasses, phone, wallet, and keys.

With the above info, you can see that you need to carry a lot of stuff for a perfect beach day. However, you don’t need to worry because there is a beach bag where you can store all of them – the F-color Mesh Beach Bag with nine pockets.

The F-color Mesh Beach Bag is an ideal bag that fits the budget, style considerations, and functional requirements of most beachgoers out there, from the fashion-minded young persons and family with little ones to the gadget-loving millennials and the children themselves.

What’s Beach Bag, F-color Mesh Beach Bag Oversized Beach Tote 9 Pockets Beach Toy Bag?

Whether you are going to the beach to spend your day in the sun or hang out with friends or work colleagues, you will require a lot of stuff. A beach bag will substantially secure most of your belongings without any problems.

Ideally, a beach bag is made to keep the contents inside securely against loss and water. As a matter of fact, beach bags are the best inventions for the people that call the beach their second home, especially in the summer.

Besides, beach tote keeps your beach essentials organized in a single place. If you need to keep your money and phone dry, and out of sight while relaxing in the sun, you need a bag for the beach that has a waterproof design.

In addition to keeping water out, it would also be essential to search for a bag that keeps sand away. You will quickly shake the sand particles back onto the beach instead of carrying them into your home or vehicle.

There are countless bags to select from when it comes to the tote to carry to the beach, but having a bag with a large capacity that feels good to carry needs to be a priority, particularly when you have to spend your time looking for a space to settle in.

Looking for the ideal beach spot with the F-color Mesh Beach Bag Oversized Beach Tote with 9 Pockets on your shoulder is a breeze. The best thing about this beach tote is that it’s incredibly comfy that you can use it as a shopping bag at the grocery store.

You can count on F-color Mesh Beach Bag to provide sufficient room for plenty of items and incredible durability for regular use throughout the summer.

Thus, gather up the towels, sunglasses, snacks, drinks, Bluetooth speakers, books, and other essential items, pack them in this bag, and then head to your favorite beach!

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Pros & Cons of Beach Bag, F-color Mesh Beach Bag Oversized Beach Tote 9 Pockets Beach Toy Bag Review


Large enough for the whole family to use, this F-color Mesh Beach Bag may have been principally made for the beach lovers. Still, its incredible features make it perfect for other outside activities like picnics, parks, road trips, and camping.

Holds Everything You Require

Made to hold many pieces of stuff, this bag may hold much more than you would ever require. Four to six large beach towels can comfortably fit into this fantastic beach tote, and there would still be sufficient space for shoes, toys, drinks, food, and a Bluetooth speaker.

Easy to Carry

Extra-large bags such as this can be quite cumbersome and difficult to carry, but this beach tote incorporates handles with a nine-inch shoulder strap to effortlessly distribute the bag’s weight. In addition, the handles are padded and reinforced for optimal comfort.

Your Stuff is Secure

When a beach bag has a magnetic closure, the items can still fall out of onto the sand or even onto car seat or trunk, and in the process spill everywhere.

Thus, in order to avoid these happenings, this bag comes with a top zipper closure, which holds the contents inside securely to enable you to have a peace of mind.

Well Made

Designed out of high-quality material, this is undoubtedly a water-resistant beach bag that is going to be around for many years before it requires to be replaced. The main construction is entirely made, and the handles are incredibly sturdy even when tugged at by the children.

External Storage

If, for various reasons, the interior fails to fit all the items you need for a full day at the beach, the bag incorporates outside pockets where you can load extra stuff. In fact, some are zippered for safety, while others are open for fast access.

Material Protects against Water and Sand

Debris and sand will not find their way into your car and bedroom. Besides drying quickly, the high-quality mesh allows sand to fall through the beach bag, so it stays on the ocean shores where it needs to be.

Color for Most People

What makes this one of the best beach bags is that it is available in several colors. From black to grey, select from many jazzy, vibrant color combinations that scream summer and how much fun you are. Indeed, friends and family members will quickly identify your bag on the beach.

Keeps Items Cool and Dry

The waterproof and mesh material combination is not only light, but it also disperses heat, meaning that your stuff in the bag stays cool even on the hottest summer days.

Also, the specially made waterproof base protects the bag against any wet surface it may encounter.

Stay Organized

The ideal beach tote for mums, thanks to the nine large pockets. With these pockets, you will have all the extra space needed plus the organization required.

You can quickly sort your items, whereby you give one pocket to every child or even decide to separate wet and dry clothing.


Ideal for the beach, this waterproof beach bag is designed with breathable mesh and contains a look that many customers love. On the other hand, some customers have come across some flaws. Based on how you use the bag, you will realize that the issues are negligible.

Watch the Weight

First, since the bag holds many items, the weight it holds could turn out to be the problem. So, if you pack it with heavy stuff, you will definitely feel the weight.

Thus, it would be beneficial to use the bag for wet clothes, wet towels, and sunscreen instead of loading it with canned items to take to the local food store.

It is not Extremely Durable

Keep in mind that the mesh can rip. While the bag’s design execution is quite incredible, it is worth noting that the construction could use some work.

Basically, the mesh is hardly as durable as solid materials since it’s always susceptible to ripping. So, in order to increase its longevity, you need to be careful with the bag.

Sand will get Inside

Sand sticks to the surface of this unique beach bag, and it is unavoidable that some sand will typically find its way inside.

Fortunately, the best thing is that you can effortlessly shake the sand out or perform a quick rinse with a hose to remove any remaining gravel.

Quite Smelly Upon Arrival

When first purchased and opened, the bag contains an unpleasant smell. The best news is that you only smell it when very close to the bag. Fortunately, the scent will certainly go away after two to three days.

Quality Rating

The fact that beach stuff gets heavier after becoming wet, your beach bag needs to be sturdy and tough enough not to fall apart when filled with items to capacity.

Luckily, the durable mesh material used in designing this bag is not only heavy-duty but also lightweight. With this, it guarantees a tough performance against wet towels, clothing, and shoes.

Also, as denoted earlier, the bag comprises durable straps. With the sturdy straps, the bag can easily tug everything from towels, food, water, and other beach accessories if need be, without breaking apart into two.

Although you can easily find beach bags in several types of materials, you will genuinely require something that can easily hold up against the sun, water, salt, and sand.

Yes, it is a fact that a leather material will not age well after prolonged exposure to the sun, but the mesh designed bag will not have issues doing so.

In fact, this bag is incredibly durable such that it can take a beating from small kids and other elements. With the quality described above, we can easily say that this bag deserves a 5-star rating when it comes to the qualities possessed.

Size Rating

First, this beach bag comes with the perfect size. Basically, it has the ideal size for a family of five. It can easily carry five towels, snacks, swim diapers, as well as sunscreen.

While still holding most of these items, it is worth noting that the bag is still comfy to carry all day long without experiencing any discomfort.

As a matter of fact, it serves as a multipurpose bag since you can use it for other activities like shopping. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the various compartments that keep your stuff separated. All these put together, you can evidently see that the size rating doesn’t need to go any lower than a five.

Feature Rating

Your beach gear is essential, and that is why it is so vital to keep it secure. For this reason, it is crucial to have a bag that contains the best features to give you the ability to transport your items quickly. Here are some of the best features that you will come across this beach bag.

160 pounds carrying capacity

First, while this bag weighs less than a pound when empty, it is worth noting that it can withstand up to 160 pounds. It contains some reinforced trims located on the base to increase its bearing capacity.

An Incredible 9 Pockets

With seven exterior mesh pockets, one inside waterproof pocket, and one inside large pocket, you can guess that this bag is large enough for you to pack your items and get going. Generally, these many pockets keep your things organized and separated.

The bag is ideal for all the outdoor activities that require you to carry a lot of stuff such as swimming accessories, towels, picnic snacks, beach books, water bottles, sunblock, toys, sunglasses, shoes, among other things.

Clever Key Chains

The beach tote has four smart rings in front of the large beach bag, where you can hang your keys, toy, bottle, and cap to recognize them at the end of the day effortlessly.


The bag contains an inside zipper pocket, which is designed with opaque fabric material. Well, this material can keep your stuff safe, dry, private, as well as sand-free.

Another thing worth noting is that the bag comprises a durable sewing mesh of about 3mm X 3mm. With this, the sand will not be trapped anywhere.

Comfy Straps

F-color Mesh Beach Bag Oversized Beach Tote comes with 9-inch long comfy straps that perfectly fits both men and women. Basically, you can comfortably carry the bag when filled.

All the features described above are incredible if you are after organization and space. However, if you are a tech-savvy person, you would need to look for an alternative. Thus, we can give the bag a features-rating of 4.8.

Brand Rating

F-color is one of the leading designers in creating affordable, stylish, and sizeable beach totes. It is a brand that is widely known by the beach fanatics. So, the brand rating needs to be nothing less than a 5-star.

F-color Mesh Beach Bag Oversized Beach Tote Product Specification

  • Material: Durable Mesh
  • Size:1 6.5″L x 15″H x 8.5″W
  • Carrying Handles: 9.3 inch
  • Transparent and TSA approved


Remember that the market for bags to buy for beach purposes is saturated, and you will find multiple companies competing for your attention.

What this means is that you can get a bag at a reasonable price.

So, with many beach tote designers thinking outside the box, trying to be the best, you will find more pockets, dedicated key holders, USB ports to charge your gadgets, and attached bottle openers.

All in all, the best bag, such as the one reviewed above, will have all the features that you need at the beach, last for an extended period, and be easily affordable.