Bags for Less Large Clear Vinyl Tote Bags Shoulder Handbag Review

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In the review, we tested Bags for Less Large Clear Vinyl Tote Bags Shoulder Handbag (Black) and have specific guidelines for that you don’t want to miss.

If you want an all purpose bag, something you can use on the beach, at work, travels, and basically anywhere, a tote bag is probably the best bag to get.

It’s a kind of bag that you can bring anywhere. It’s an everyday bag. Now, it’s not exactly meant to be a stylish bag, so you don’t have to worry about its cost.

It’s a kind of bag that is generally very cheap. Some big brands offer tote bags that are expensive but those are meant to be fashion statements.

The bag that I am going to review today is the Bags for Less Large Clear Vinyl Tote Bags Shoulder Handbag which is Amazon’s Choice for “clear tote bags.” Before we start, let me tell you now that it’s not a fashion-centric bag.

In fact, it’s one of the most basic bag you can buy right now. Its main selling point is that it’s cheap and durable. If you are looking for a stylish bag, you should probably look elsewhere because frankly, this isn’t.

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Pros & Cons of Bags for Less Large Clear Vinyl Tote Bags Shoulder Handbag


Reinforced Seams

Since there are 2 distinct materials that you have to fasten together, both the materials should be reinforced with extra stitching to avoid unraveling. In this bag, the 2 materials that are sewn together are plastic and fabric.

Joining the two together is easy enough. There is a specialized type of sewing materials that is used for sewing fabric to plastic.

A bit of glue can also be used to secure the two materials together.

For this bag, they seem to have used several techniques that allows it to be stronger than standard stitching.

Durable Strap

The strap is reinforced with extra stitching to ensure it clings to the vinyl material.

As I’ve said above, this bag is made from two different materials, so ensuring that it is strong enough to hold is going to be tricky.

You have to consider the difference in qualities of the materials. As such, the strap for this bag is made extra durable to support the weight at the bottom.

Front Pocket

Another cool feature of this bag is the additional front pocket. This is a welcome feature because it allows you to have a pocket that is super easy to reach.

If you want to store your headphones, or maybe even your phone, you can simply put it there on the front pocket.

Many tote bags don’t offer front pockets which I think is a wasted opportunity since putting a pocket inside is super easy.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If in any case, you are unhappy with your purchase, Bags For Less offers 100% money-back guarantee.

This isn’t exactly a feature but it’s a cool selling point of this product. I have never sent an item back to this company.

However, in the case that I am unsatisfied with the item I received, they claim that I can send it back and get my refund, no questions asked.

This definitely makes this purchase a little bit easier since you can always refund the money back. This bag is very cheap but still, the added security of a warranty is priceless.

Very Light

This bag is only 8 ounce. That’s 227 grams. That’s light. But don’t that weight make you think that it’s not a durable bag. It is a strong bag.

It doesn’t have a rated carrying capacity but it can carry a surprising amount of weight.


Only Available In 4 Colors

This bag comes only in two tones – the transparent plastic and whatever the color the strap is.

This particular item comes in 4 unique colors, which in my opinion is disappointing. I would have preferred it more if they have at least 8 colors available.

Adding different color selection is easy enough since the strap is basically all that’s needed to change.

The transparent plastic material is the same across different selections so it’s not that hard to implement this change.

Can Melt In Extreme Heat

This is pretty obvious. Of course, the plastic can melt in extreme heat, especially when it’s subjected to direct heat.

What you probably don’t know is they can melt under the sun, too.

If left under the sun for too long with the plastic folder in a certain way, this could reflect the heat into the bag, effectively increasing the temperature to the point of damaging the material.

Another thing to consider is the bag doesn’t insulate. If you are planning to use this bag on the beach, with your sunscreen and lotion inside, I advise to get it out of the sun.

Sunscreen and lotion lose their potency when their container is subjected to extreme heat. I thought I should mention that.

Isn’t Rated For Heavy Duty Use

There’s a surprising amount of complaints about this bag’s bottom part giving out under extreme weight. I wouldn’t say that I’m surprised by this.

In fact, I sort of expected this to happen to a few customers who are not familiar with using these kinds of bags.

Make no mistake, this bag is actually durable, much more durable than one might think.

However, there are certain cases in which people put this bag under extreme stress, filling it with heavy items that you won’t normally see in a bag like this.

In short, this bag is great for everyday use, but if you’re thinking of putting some heavy stuff in here, better look for other bags that are specifically designed for that.

Funny Smell Right Out Of The Box

The material used for this item is mostly plastic. As such, you should expect a bit of smell especially once it comes right out of the box.

We’re probably all familiar with that funny smell that you get from plastic items.

It’s a chemical smell, almost bleach-y. Acidic, almost. This item has that smell in some reported cases.

These are rare cases, mind you, but it’s worth mentioning so you don’t get surprised in case your item arrives with a vinegar-y smell.

And besides, that smell should come right off after airing it out for several hours.

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Quality Rating of Bags for Less Large Clear Vinyl Tote Bags Shoulder Handbag (Black)

At the time of this writing, there are more than 3600 reviews of this particular item. It has an average of 4.6 stars of out of 5, which in and of itself is pretty good. But way more impressive than that is the fact that it only has handful of 1-star reviews.

Now, for this section, I will take into account my personal experience with this particular item. Additionally, I will also consider the reviews on the page to get a more rounded view of the product. I will only speak about its quality in this section. For its features, I will dedicate another section for that.

The quality of this bag is above average, I would say. It certainly doesn’t look durable at first glance. I think it has more to do with the material being plastic. You never expect a transparent material to be strong, which gives this item a bit of a surprising power once you use it for the first time.

The stitching looks good. Even if you inspect closely, the workmanship is solid. It certainly looks factory-made but the stitching is uniform throughout. I see no flaws in their zipper opening, which is where most bags like this seem to fail.

If you are looking for a quality everyday bag, this Bags For Less Tote Bag is certainly a good pickup, no questions about it. A solid 4 stars.

Size Rating of Bags for Less Large Clear Vinyl Tote Bags Shoulder Handbag (Black)

The dimensions of this bag are 19’’ wide and 14’’ height. This is a pretty common dimension for tote bags. It’s between medium and large, which in my opinion, makes it the perfect size. Of course, not everyone will be happy with the sizing. Some will find it too bulky, while others the opposite.

Unfortunately, this bag is not available in other sizes. It’s only available in one size, which I think is a wasted opportunity. I see where they are coming from though. From a company’s perspective, selling in one size makes perfect sense because the production and manufacturing is streamlined.

Feature Rating of Bags for Less Large Clear Vinyl Tote Bags Shoulder Handbag (Black)

I think I’ve covered the features of this bag in the section above. It’s under the Pros section, in case you want to read it again.

Unfortunately, I can’t really say much about this bag’s features. I could talk about its weight, weight rating, materials, and other similar things but those aren’t really ‘features,’ strictly speaking.

I guess the added outside pocket is a feature but it’s nothing special. It’s more of a bonus feature that you will be happy it’s present but won’t necessarily miss it when it’s gone.

What I’m trying to say here is that there’s really not a whole lot of feature you can add to this bag to make it special. It’s an average bag and no amount of added feature is going to change that.

Make no mistake though – while it’s an average bag, that doesn’t change that fact that it is a quality bag. It has all the features that you’d expect from a bag of this caliber. A solid 4 stars once again.

Brand Rating of Bags for Less Large Clear Vinyl Tote Bags Shoulder Handbag (Black)

The makers of this bag is a company called Bags For Less. The company name should be sufficient enough to get their message across their consumers. Their main selling point is their cheap pricing, basically.

If you visit their company page, you will see a lot of best value bags that comes in at less than $10, which is very cheap. I think I even saw a $5.95 bag in there. When they named their company Bags For Less, they weren’t messing around. They really offer their bags for cheap.

But as you would expect from cheaper items, they seem to have given up some features in order to achieve this price point. This is not a surprise since, you know, quantity vs quality, applies to all.

To be able to judge this company fairly, I need to consider their main goals, which is to sell bags for less. If that’s the case, then they’ve managed to successfully achieve that. As for the quality of their bags, it’s alright. All the quality of their items seem to reflect the pricing, which is cool, since you’re getting what you paid for.

All things considered, I really like this brand. It’s one of the low-end brands out there that did not skimp out on their quality. Sure, you will read some broken items here and there, but it’s very rare and is almost negligible. Solid 4.5 stars.

Product Specification

Package Dimensions: 14.96 x 11.37 x 1.61 inches
Item Weight: 8 ounces
Department: Unisex


I feel like they named their company ‘Bags For Less,’ so they would show up at the top of search results whenever someone search for this term. Actually, I don’t just feel it. I am sure this is the reason for it.

I mean, it works. If you want bags for less, then you go buy a bag from “Bags For Less.” It’s a catchy phrase that’s almost too corny but it does produce actual results. Just check their page and see how popular most of their items are.

I always judge a product by the quality, first and foremost. Secondly, is the price. For many people, these two criteria are interchangeable, depending on what item they want to buy.

For this company, since their main goal is to offer bags for less, I feel like should judge them using that line. In that regard, they’ve managed to fulfill their goal magnificently.

Their bags come in at bargain price that’s almost impossible to pass up. No wonder many of their items belong in the Amazon’s Choice List.

As for the quality of the bags, you get a bit more than what you pay for. When you’re shopping for a cheap bag, you kind of expect the quality to be worse than usual. But for this item in particular, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

This bag is well-made and could last a long time. It has a lifetime warranty, mind you. This bag is definitely a good buy.