Dopp Kits vs Toiletry Bag: The History

Dopp Kits vs Toiletry Bag

A Dopp kit is like a toiletry bag where you can store the essential bathroom items. What can be placed inside this kit? It’s simple to keep your toothbrush, face moisturizer, cleansing soaps etc. into this bag which maintains your life organized. This name comes from the early 20th-century leather craftsman, Charles Dopplet. The toiletry … Read more

What To Think About Weight And Look in Spinner luggage set?

luggage set weight look

Spinner luggage is becoming popular because it’s very easy to maneuver. What’s unique in this spinner set? The wheels are the main factor what makes the luggage a spinner instead of a normal wheeled bag. Usually, most spinners are designed with four wheels which are attached to four corners of the luggage.  Why spinner luggage … Read more

Spinner Vs Inline Roller Luggage: Which one to choose?

spinner vs roller

Spinner 4-Wheeled 360 degree mobility Easy to to pull or push Multi directional rolling Wheels are vulnearale to breakage Large compartments Movement : All directions Inline Roller 2-Wheeled Forward and backward mobility Less maneuverable No rolling More durable wheels Expandable storage Movement : Front and back only If you are in the market searching for … Read more

Hardside vs Softside Luggage For Domestic & International Travel

Softsided vs hardsided

Hardside Luggage Made from strong poly-carbonate & aluminum materials Stain resistance Waterproof Lightweight Protects fragile belongings Built in TSA approved locks Available in printed patterns & solid colors Built in organizational features/compartments Rigid body helps to absorb shock from airport handling Softside Luggage Made from durable synthetic fabric materials Can be cleaned with fabric cleaners … Read more

Top 5 Best Softside Luggage

softside luggage

When you plan to travel for a long time then it’s mandatory to have a good quality luggage set. After 42 hours of researching the best soft side luggage sets, our product experts have chosen that Pathfinder Luggage Presidential 4 piece Spinner Suitcase Set is the best. The soft side bags are expandable up to … Read more