Adidas Diablo Duffel Bag Review

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Adidas Diablo is one of the most searched duffel bags on the internet.  With so many requests to review the latest version of Adidas Diablo duffel bag, we finally purchased one to  test it for our customers. This Polyester made bag is not the  biggest in size but certainly offers some great value for the bucks and is  preferred by so many around the world.  let us find out why Adidas Diablo duffel bag is the best selling gym bag in this review.


Quality Rating:

This bag is made of polyester fabric. It appears very thin when you get your hands on it for the first time. You may even feel that this thin fabric will get torn in a short period of time. But that is not the truth, even though the fabric is thin, the polyester material is of great quality that it can last for a long period of time. You can test it by adding some good weight to it, but it still lasts for a longer period of time then other duffel bags available in the same price range.

In a duffel bag, another important thing to notice is the zippers available in the bag. We noticed that Adidas has used a very strong zipper in this model which appears to withhold normal tension applied to it. Unless someone willingly applies extraordinary pressure to it, it won’t get any faults.We tried opening and closing it for many times and it functioned seamlessly without any issue.

The bag material and the zipper is strong, now let’s find out how good the straps present in the bag are. Adidas Diablo duffel bag comes with an adjustable lengthy strap which are perfectly fitted. It can handle enough weight for anyone who uses it for the gym or during travel. you can adjust the length of the strap to suit your convenience.

This product has Achieved thousands of positive reviews from customers due to the quality of materials used in it. So the quality rating for the material, zipper & straps would be 5 stars.

Size Rating:

The Dimensions of this product is 18.5”x11”x10”. It is not a very big duffel bag but the size easily serves its purpose. It can be used for your international travel as its size allows you to use it as a carry on luggage in any airlines. It even fits comfortably beneath your seat in the flight. you can also use it as a gym bag, soccer bag, for martial arts,dance,basketball and for camping too. It’s small size is not a drawback, instead it easily fits into most lockers available in the gyms.

Since it doesn’t have separate openings, you can store as much items possible in it’s single opening. People often buy it to use as a carry on luggage or for the gym. It clearly fits two basketballs inside and extra clothes, shoes, water bottles etc. So size is not an issue for this bag. We can rate 4.5 stars for its size.

Features Rating:

Being a simple duffel bag, it comes with the most basic features. There is not so much that you can explore about the features in this bag. It comes with the plastic sheet which you can use as the bottom of the bag to retain its shape and to organize products above it.

The polyester fabric is thin but very strong and lasts for a long time. You need not worry about adding some extra stuffs saying that the strap will break.

It is versatile, durable, roomy and has a stylish design. It also has a webbing carry handles which are perfect and strong.The shoulder strap provided is adjustable based on your requirement.

It ships in a fully sealed plastic bag so that you don’t get any damages during transit.

One Let Down:

Most customers feel That there is only one let down in this duffel bag from Adidas. There is no extra pocket inside or outside the bag except the one being top loading main compartment. This might be a disadvantage to store items like purse, pen ,phone, keys etc which you need to take out of your bag very often.

There are other models in adidas offering this feature at an extra cost, but considering the price of this model, this is not going to be a major let down. So we rate the features 4.5.

Brand Rating:

If you consider the brand Adidas, it is one of the world famous brand making footwear, clothing handbags, and other accessories. It is a well known brand with millions of loyal customers around the world. Hence the brand rating is 5.

Product specification:

  • Made of Polyester.
  • One single compartment.
  • No Side Pockets.
  • Size: 18.5″ x 11″ x 10″


Adidas Diablo duffel bag has all the qualities you need to be your next carry on luggage or to be your accessory partner to your gym, dance class, football, volleyball sessions or other places where you need to carry a limited amount of luggage. The reviews from thousands of customers and our hands on experience with adidas diablo duffel bag has sufficiently convinced us to agree that this is one of the best duffel bags available in the market at a convenient price.