4 Wheel vs. 2 Wheel Luggage Sets

4 Wheel vs. 2 Wheel Luggage Sets

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Luggage sets are very essential when you plan for a vacation, a business trip or for any other type of travel. So most of them get confused about what type of rolling luggage to choose? Both the 2-wheel and 4-wheel suitcases have its own functionality and benefits. How you like to travel and where you are going will determine if 4-wheel or 2-wheel suits your trip.

Which one should you choose? 

Wheels are the major thing to consider before buying the luggage set for you. There are carry handles who don’t always carry the bag with it. The spinner wheels can rotate 360-degrees to move in all the directions. 

There are two categories of wheels which are Spinner and Rolling; the spinner wheels are much easier to navigate airports. It’s much convenient to get into small spaces and needs only less effort to maneuver. 

2-wheel luggage set benefits 

The 2-wheel luggage offers an extreme standard of mobility and is well-equipped to handle rough surfaces. It offers better balance, an added advantage of this type of wheels are it can be leaned backward with their wheels off the ground so the duffel bag can be placed on the top of your suitcase. 

When 2-wheel luggage is best?

This suitcase is lighter, sturdier, and has well-designed wheels so it provides a better fit in the airplane. In the airport, sometimes you mush rush to catch the flight it may be hard to pull your suitcase up and down, so it’s best to use 2-wheel luggage set for better mobility. 

4-wheeled suitcase

The spinner carry-on luggage with 4 wheels is really easier o move than 2 wheeled roller bags. Obviously, the 4 wheels of spinner luggage are multi-directional so it moves in all directions without any extra effort. 

  • 360-degree mobility 
  • Stable
  • Great in long airport queues
  • Requires less effort to wheel 
  • Offers better balance 
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Glides smoothly down the narrow aircraft aisle

When 4-wheel spinner luggage is best?

Nowadays, the popularity of 4-wheeled luggage sets is increasing just because it requires only less effort to maneuver the suitcase. The entire weight of the bag gets support from the ground, so you can easily operate with a finger. Usually, a spinner rolls best on flat surfaces and its 360-degree mobility is ideal while gliding through the narrow aisle. 

Why to pick this? 

If you travel with four or five members in a family, the weight of your luggage will be heavy, so in that case, it’s best to choose this 4-wheeled suitcase.
You may wonder how this little spinner wheels can do this? But yeah, these small wheels are the backbone of the whole luggage set. Also, the spinners never tip over when you add extra bags on the top of it. 

Factors to consider before picking the right bag


First of all, decide how lightweight do you want your bag? and plan whether you need to include extra bags or not? Soft-side luggage is constructed of lightweight materials opt for that.


It’s the major factor to consider because you may move through rough terrain, cobblestone streets, and narrow surfaces so wheels must be sturdy and durable. You may rush through airports so 360-degree wheels are needed to move smoothly.

Final verdict

Choose the luggage set smaller and lighter so that it can comfortably accommodate and protect your personal items. Pick the one which requires only less effort to pull or push the luggage beside you.