Should you buy a 2-Piece or 3-Piece Luggage Set?

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Buying the best luggage definitely helps you to travel on any occasion. Why luggage sets are needed? The best luggage sets help to protect all your belongings during travel so you can feel comfortable. Look for a high-quality luggage set as it can last for a long time, there are a lot of brands available in the market.

Why the luggage set is needed?

Pick the right luggage to suit your needs; if you’re a frequent traveler then look for different sized luggage items for all your packaging needs. When you buy luggage as a set it may cost lower than buying all the pieces separately.

Different types of sets are:

  • 2-pieces
  • 3-pieces
  • 4-pieces
  • 5-pieces
  • 6-pieces
  • 7 and 8 pieces

These are the most common sets which also include a tote bag, garment bag, and duffel bag etc. Before choosing the luggage set to ensure whether all these features are available in your choice.

Which is best 2-piece or 3-piece?

A 2-piece luggage set is extremely lightweight, durable so it protects all the items safe inside. If you travel frequently then 2-piece set will be perfect, you can get this in both hard-side and soft-side. Usually, this kind of set comes with multi-directional wheels which rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuverability.


It comes with a retractable handle which allows for ease of travel. For convenience, the luggage is fitted with a telescopic handle so you can get a strong grip while pulling beside you. There are a lot of interior mesh pockets to store all your gadgets and other items.

2-piece set is best for?

This category suits well for a family vacation, a business trip or for short time travel. It looks fashionable and compact so those who love to travel light can go for this choice. 2-piece luggage consist of a carry-on and midsize suitcases, you can pick lightweight luggage which are constructed of nylon, polyester, aluminum so that can be carried with ease.

Why choose a 3-piece luggage set?

3-piece luggage set is best for a family trip which includes a carry-on, medium size suitcase, and a large suitcase. All your essentials can be organized perfectly inside the compartments for ease of travel.

Most of the hard-side 3-piece sets are made of durable ABS plastic which features side carry handles and a retractable push-button handle.

Family traveler

If you travel with children, then the 3-piece hard-side luggage set will be perfect. Usually, this type of set comes with a lot of compartments so packing can be done easily. There’ll be pockets at the front to store all your essentials like travel documents, passport, or gadgets. Most of the models feature exterior pockets so you can have quick access to take your smartphone or a laptop.

What to prefer hard or soft shell luggage?

There are two types of luggage sets which are soft-side and hard-side. The hard-shell luggage is made of rough material also it protects the belongings better than the soft-sided luggage. The soft-shell luggage is designed with thick fabric or leather; it comes with additional pockets and zippers for organized packaging.

Wrapping Up

Check our luggage buying guide to pick the best luggage for your travel. Choose luggage which is spacious and roomy to hold all the necessary things you need for a trip. Get the best quality luggage and enjoy your trip happily.